Microsoft Exchange enters the New Year

Microsoft Exchange enters the New Year

No easy way into the New Year for users of Microsoft Exchange. The server software apparently could not cope with the year 2022 and blocked mails. In the meantime, Microsoft has delivered an emergency patch. […]

For Microsoft’s technicians, the slide into the New Year 2022 was a bit bumpy. They had to deploy an emergency patch for the in-house communication platform Microsoft Exchange in no time at all. Because the program apparently could not cope with the year 2022 and blocked the sending of e-mails on on-premises Exchange servers.

According to a blog post by the Exchange team (Engl.) the error occurred on January 1st and affects a date check function for the turn of the year. Specifically, the affected versions, Exchange Server 2016 and Exchange Server 2019, could not process the new date when matching emails with a signature file. This caused the malware engine to crash and, as a result, the regular messages got stuck in a transport queue. The team emphasizes that the antivirus and malware scanner continued to work anyway, so it is not a security-relevant problem.

Microsoft has now provided a fix to fix the problem. For its implementation, however, the users must first change some settings, as the said blog entry continues. Finally, a restart of the Exchange server is required for the patch to take effect.

Presumably, an easier-to-use fix will be rolled out soon as an update for Exchange 2016 and 2019.

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