Microsoft is testing a new Microsoft 365 subscription management

Microsoft is testing a new Microsoft 365 subscription management


Directly in the account settings, users can see details and costs of current subscriptions as well as the available cloud storage. […]

A new subscription management in Windows 11 stores the payment information and lists the costs for Microsoft 365, reports Accordingly, users can store their credit card information directly in the operating system and thus better manage it.

As stated in the details of Insider Build 22567, the Microsoft 365 subscription management can be found under Settings/Accounts. In the settings, current subscriptions and the still available OneDrive storage space are displayed. The amounts that are debited on the credit card or an information if the card has expired are also displayed. Previously, you were redirected to a web-based service under Windows 11 if you wanted to change your payment information.

A banner is displayed in the account settings if the deposited payment method needs to be updated (c)

The service is necessarily connected to a Microsoft account. Those who do not yet have a Microsoft 365 subscription should still be able to use some free features, according to Microsoft. For example, you can directly access the Office web apps, view the OneDrive storage or upgrade to Microsoft-365.

In addition, with the mentioned Insider build comes a simplified phone shortcut. When installing the operating system, Android smartphones should be able to be linked to Windows 11 in the future. Through the link, you can then send text messages or make calls directly from the PC.

In addition, the Redmonders announce that the installation of updates can be scheduled at certain times of the day. This is in order to carry out an update at a time when the power grids are increasingly powered by renewable energies. It is also gratifying that this should apparently be done in the background, as stated in the insider build blog. Alternatively, you can still initiate an update manually.

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