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Microsoft has revised the search function in Microsoft Teams. So you will find the desired better. […]

According to the author, the search function of Microsoft Teams is not exactly the burner. The Redmonders have apparently noticed this by now and revised the search.

In the new user interface, after a search, you will find a result overview with four tabs: All, Messages, People or Files. The most relevant results are selected and displayed by artificial intelligence. Choose one to filter the search results or to find the one you are looking for more quickly.

If you know that what you were looking for was the answer to a question: Now there is a question-and-answer search in the All overview. Microsoft mentions in a blog entry (engl.) for example, the question: “What does the abbreviation TEA stand for?” Search for it and a new section will display the most relevant results.

Now you can perform a question-and-answer search (c) Microsoft/

If you want to start a search in a chat or channel, for example, click on the Chat tab, select a conversation and then click in the search field at the top (or press the Ctrl+F keys on Windows, or CMD+F on Mac). If you know who sent a message, you can also use modifiers (Keyword Query Language). There must be no space between the colon and the search words.

Work examples:

  • From/From:<Person’s name> (Example: From:Claudia Maag)
  • Sent/Sent:<Date> (Example: Sent:23.12.2021, also works with Sent:23.12.2021)
  • In:<Name of the channel or group chat> (Example: In:Onliner)

Tip: A search for<name of the person> did not work quite as reliably, try the English term, if this also happens to you.
Note: This was done using a Windows 10 device and the Microsoft Teams version for desktop (, 64-bit).

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