Microsoft Teams: How to use the Walkie-talkie app

Microsoft Teams: How to use the Walkie-talkie app

In certain situations, it can be useful to contact your teammates at the touch of a button instead of calling. PCtipp tried it. […]

Recently, Microsoft Teams announced a walkie-talkie feature. After the Android version, the walkie-talkie app is now also available on iPhones and iPads (PCtipp reported). PCtipp tried it.

As with traditional walkie-talkies, you hold down a button to talk about the walkie-talkie in teams and release the button to listen. Of course, in Microsoft Teams there is the videocall function and you can also make audio calls. But in certain situations walkie-talkie could prove to be quite useful, for example for field service employees or if you have to call the security service by pressing a button quickly.

Note 1: Currently, this feature is not preinstalled. If you are logged in to teams with a professional Microsoft 365 account, the admin must first activate the feature for your organization. After activation, walkie-talkie will be available in the app within 48 hours, according to Microsoft. With us it was already available after a short time.

Note 2: Within Microsoft Teams, this only works via a team or a channel. You can only connect to one channel at a time. To listen or talk on another channel, change the channel.

How to use walkie-talkie

  1. Open Microsoft Teams on your Android smartphone or iPhone.
  2. Tap More (three-dot icon).
  3. Here you can now see the purple walkie-talkie app. Tap on it.
  4. To be able to talk, select a channel at the top. In our example, this is the test channel ClaudiaUndGabyWalkieTalkieGeneral.
  5. Now tap the Connect button. This must everybody Take care of the participants of a channel in your mobile app.
  6. To speak, now press the round microphone button while speaking.
  7. Let go to listen.
  8. If you want to end the conversation, tap the Disconnect button.

Short summary: Which is just a bit awkward: every subscriber of this channel has to connect in the walkie-talkie app to make it work. But you can get used to it as a routine in the morning if you need it. Basically, the two testers find this positive, because you can be quite scared if a loud voice sounds from the iPhone or Android phone without warning. In addition to the benefits: anyone who knows walkie-talkies from childhood will have fun.

Note 3: This was done using an iOS 15.2.1 smartphone and the teams for iPhones version 3.22.0.

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