Microsoft Teams now responds faster

Microsoft has significantly improved the response speed of the communication tool by some performance updates compared to August 2021. This should be noticeable in the desktop version. […]

Microsoft Teams is not exactly known for its ultimate speed. Accordingly, Microsoft has already made some improvements to its collaboration tool last year to improve the response time for interactions in teams. For example, the re-rendering has been reduced and the code has been gradually optimized for certain user experiences. In order to measure their progress, the Redmonders have now examined anonymized data from desktop users from all over the world, as stated in a blog entry.).

The performance was evaluated compared to August 2021. The data showed improvements in messaging and meeting experiences, according to Microsoft.

End users should notice this, especially in the desktop version. According to the blog, the latency of scrolling through the chat list improved by 11.4 percent; scrolling through the channel list by 12.1 percent. The mute function should therefore be able to be activated or deactivated 16 percent faster.

The message field is loaded 63 percent faster so that a user can write a message immediately after changing a chat or channel, for example. The time it takes to change a channel or open a chat window has also been improved – by 25 percent.

In addition to other small optimizations, the response to muting and unmuting during a call has been improved by 16 percent. Those who want to navigate to the “Join Meeting” screen can now do so 9 percent faster.

*Claudia Maag is, among other things, an author at and com!professional.

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