More and more offices and schools with digital infrastructure

Immer mehr Ämter und Schulen mit digitaler Infrastruktur

In the meantime, the federal Government has established a number of funding programmes for the digitisation of public administration. Under the name DigitalPakt, the federal and state governments enable public institutions, such as offices and schools, to purchase new IT infrastructure, IT devices and related support services. The successes are becoming more and more apparent, but for many municipalities it has been a long road so far, from the application to the extradition. Dozens of meetings and forms raised new questions for many school and local governments.

The central problem is the growing administrative burden associated with the new laptops, projectors, digital displays and networks. This became clear to many school principals and administrative staff only after the relationship of funding. Therefore, in order to keep track of the inventory, a good management strategy is needed. An additional agreement of the Federal Government from November 2020 (additional agreement “Administration”) can provide a remedy – under certain circumstances, professional administration and support structures can also be paid continuously from federal funds.

Increasing administrative burden on schools and municipalities

Regular reports should inform the funding provider about the use of the financial resources. For this, evidence must also be submitted. On the basis of the resulting information from the municipalities, conclusions should then be drawn that make the funding program evaluable. Needless to say, the task of this documentation is not part of the usual expenses of the school administration.

Those responsible for the withdrawal of funds should rely from the outset on clear documentation regarding the funded inventory in the respective institutions in order to meet the requirements of the federal government. In the so-called proof of use, it must be proven that grants (IT equipment and accessories) are used appropriately. In order not to have to manage the aspects related to the inventory in self-created Excel spreadsheets, which can lead to a high error rate, it is worth investing in an inventory software. Under certain circumstances, this can even be financed through the federal funding programmes.

Minimize the administrative effort with application-related inventory software

The advantage of a software-based inventory management is quickly apparent, as those responsible must also provide detailed information on the inventory, such as statistics on the use of the devices, defects & defects, as well as repairs, contracts and software licenses in the regular reports to the federal government. Many cities in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg are therefore already relying on intuitive inventory software such as Timly. For example, the cities of Remseck am Neckar and Ludwigshafen (BW) signed a contract with Timly Software AG in order to be able to comprehensibly manage their new IT devices.

In the software, inventory can be virtually catalogued and managed by authorized users by giving each of the purchased objects a unique inventory number via QR codes label. The mobile inventory app can then be used to retrieve information and perform actions, such as reporting a defect or scheduling resources – always exactly where the inventory is currently located. Municipal administrative employees gain a central overview of the use and condition of the devices in the software. And all this is historically understandable.

An inventory management software such as Timly reduces a lot of additional effort during the term of funding through the Digital Pact. The classic questions like “Who has which inventory?”, “When is a particular device needed and where?”, “In what condition are the devices?” or “When does the inventory need to be serviced?”, can be answered with the integrated maintenance planner almost at the touch of a button. The Timly software is inexpensive to have and there is currently a free (on request personally guided) online demo.

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