More automation in companies: Pagerduty expands its portfolio

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PagerDuty , Inc., a leading company in the field of digital operations management, has announced two new product releases.

On the one hand, the PagerDuty Process Automation On Prem 4.0 launches. The PagerDuty Process Automation portfolio is based on this platform. On the other hand, PagerDuty provides PagerDuty Runbook Automation, a software-as-a-service offering that offers the same features and value that customers are used to from the On Prem version.

Due to the accelerating digitalization, technical employees, including IT, SREs and developers, are exceeding their capacity limits. With the PagerDuty Process Automation portfolio – formerly known as the Rundeck product line – companies can now integrate automation into their business and IT processes and adopt proactive and preventive approaches for digital processes in different environments. As a result, DevOps and IT engineers have less time to spend on unpredictable, unstructured and time-critical work and have more room for innovation.

Version 4.0 of PagerDuty Process Automation contains new functions that safely extend between the different environments of an enterprise and enable the execution of end-to-end processes. The new version includes numerous improvements in the areas of security, stability and ease of use. In addition, 4.0 brings considerable optimization with regard to distributed versions. It is now easy to securely manage incident response or service request use cases across large, geographically distributed infrastructures, upscaled single-tenant architectures – or where “zero trust” communication between secure environments is required.

PagerDuty Runbook Automation, based on PagerDuty Process Automation, helps customers replace manual or unrelated tasks documented in runbooks or wikis with automated self-service workflows. These new offerings support PagerDuty’s mission to drive automation across the enterprise.

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