More than 57 percent pay attention to data protection on the Internet

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Incognito mode in the browser is often used, VPN and the encryption of e-mails or files much less often

In view of the increasing digitalization of processes and services, the protection of privacy on the Internet can be a real challenge. A new study by ClickMeeting has examined how people in Europe deal with this topic. More than 57 percent said that they always pay attention to data protection online. 40 Percent use the incognito mode of their browser for private browsing or use applications that block tracking on the Internet (32.5 percent).


For the vast majority of participants in the current ClickMeeting study “Online Data protection: User opinions and best practices”, the protection of their privacy on the Internet seems to be an important aspect. 57.7 Percent state that they always pay attention to their privacy on the Internet, while 40.6 percent do not always do this, but at least try. Only 1 percent do not know how to take care of it and therefore do not take any measures. The proportion of respondents who generally do not consider online data protection to be important is vanishingly low at less than 1 percent.

Attention is paid to privacy settings, less attention is paid to email encryption


There are clear differences in the question of which measures, functions and tools users use to protect their personal data. In this context, most respondents pay particular attention to cookies (63.5 percent), the privacy settings in social media (59 percent) and the privacy and privacy settings on their computer and / or smartphone (57.8 percent). When using the Internet, measures such as the use of incognito mode in the browser (40 percent) and apps that block tracking are also the focus (32.5 percent). On the other hand, only a minority of respondents resort to more specific tools: 28.1 percent rely on a VPN service (Virtual Private Network), 15.5 percent encrypt their e-mails and almost twelve percent state that they use solutions for encrypting confidential files.

Data protection for online events and webinars


Today, companies are increasingly relying on online solutions. In the course of this, many events that used to take place in attendance were also moved to the Internet. Solutions such as webinars are also becoming increasingly popular here. This is also evidenced by the fact that, according to ClickMeeting, the duration of these events in 2021 increased by an average of 16 minutes compared to 2020.
The topic of data protection also plays an important role for many participants in the context of such online events. Around 74 percent of the respondents attach importance to the fact that the organizers of webinars protect their privacy. No matter, this is less than 20 percent and not even every twentieth person surveyed (4.9 percent) does not pay any attention to data protection at webinars at all.

Dominika Paciorkowska, Managing Director and Board Member of ClickMeeting

“Analyses by ClickMeeting have shown that in 2021, almost 20 percent of the online events held on our platform served marketing and PR purposes, another 16 percent were aimed at supporting direct sales. This shows very clearly that many companies are also moving their business activities to the Internet. And this is where users want to feel safe – this is no different from other events organized online“”says Dominika Paciorkowska, Managing Director and Board Member of ClickMeeting . “The total number of events via ClickMeeting in 2021 was 320 percent higher than in 2019, the period before the pandemic. So we have seen what potential there is in events of this kind. However, the protection of privacy and security on the Internet, especially in times of increasing cyber attacks, are of great importance to us. Therefore, it is important to choose solutions that pay special attention to these aspects. This applies in particular to the provision of an appropriate network infrastructure and the development of a comprehensive data protection policy. In addition, functions that enable users to secure their events themselves, for example by restricting access exclusively to appropriately authorized persons, are also important. At ClickMeeting, we take care of exactly these aspects so that both the organizers and the participants feel comfortable and safe at all times.“

ClickMeeting is a European platform for webinars, video conferences, online meetings, virtual events and online lessons. The full study report is available to you available here .


The survey was conducted by ClickMeeting in February 2022 with 510 randomly selected, adult online event participants in Europe.

What else does ClickMeeting offer – besides servers in Europe?

ClickMeeting specializes in webinars, video conferences and online meetings. The flexible self-service platform enables users and companies to implement individual scenarios in areas such as virtual events, digital learning and online communication. One of the unique selling points is that the platform can be used conveniently in the web browser. As a result, users do not need any prior technical knowledge and do not have to install anything on their device. The beginnings of ClickMeeting go back to 2011, when the platform was created within GetResponse as an additional product, which was initially intended to serve the needs of the company as a tool for online meetings. None of the existing applications at that time met these internal expectations. It quickly became clear that the product was powerful enough to offer to consumers and businesses. Over the next five years, ClickMeeting proved to be a promising solution, so it was spun off as a separate company in 2016. The headquarters of the European company is located in Gdansk, Poland.

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