myfactory plans to move to Austria

myfactory plans to move to Austria

The cloud ERP provider myfactory currently serves the market in Austria via its Germany headquarters in Munich. Now the company announces the establishment of a subsidiary in Austria. […]

Since its foundation around 20 years ago, myfactory has been active in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Now, the company announces the establishment of a branch office in Austria in order to further accelerate its activities there, especially in the channel. The local site manager is still being sought. The exact location of the branch in Austria is still open, but the location Vienna is preferred.

The Partner channel

Myfactory currently sells its solutions in Austria through five partners. Distribution is exclusively indirect. One goal of the new branch is to attract additional partners and to set up myfactory.Centers in all Austrian conurbations. At the myfactory.Centers is a new, just presented partner model. This is characterized by a high cloud affinity on the partner side and a particularly close cooperation with the manufacturer. This cooperation is supported by a variety of measures. However, the consistent use and implementation of the templates and specifications by myfactory is also required.

On the product side, the establishment of an own public cloud hosted and administered in Austria is at the top of the agenda for Austria. The ERP solution myfactory itself has been completely localized for a long time and a myfactory financial statement for Austria is also available. All relevant standards and certifications are supported or available. A BMD interface is therefore just as self-evident as meeting the requirements of the Cash Register Security Ordinance (RKSV).

Timo Bärenklau, Sales Manager of myfactory International GmbH: “The establishment of the branch in Austria is a logical step. We offer commercial software for small and medium-sized enterprises. And for them, a local contact person at eye level is of great importance. Therefore, we are now tackling the issue consistently with ourselves and in the partner channel.“

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