Nagel-Group digitizes departure management

Nagel-Group digitizes departure management

The drivers of the logistics company should be able to plan routes better and find their way around the locations more easily via an online portal. […]

The professional drivers of the Nagel-Group should be able to plan and organize their tours more easily. To this end, the food logistics specialist is testing his “elogistics Portal” at the Borgholzhausen, Hamburg and Ottendorf branches. Within a week, according to the company, more than 450 users have already registered at one of the pilot sites.

“Thanks to digital departure management, professional drivers can call up all the essential information directly based on the license plate of the tractor and the current transport order number,” says Florian Seffert, Head of IT Innovation at Nagel. The solution supports all mobile devices in six languages.

If you are logged in to the portal, the truck drivers can call up the loading gate to be approached, the departure time and the current status of the loading. In addition, comments on routes can be stored. As a result, subsequent tours can be better coordinated and planned.

“Digital departure management enables truck drivers to use their breaks more effectively. There is no need for targeted enquiries in the scheduling department, which relieves employees on site,“ adds Seffert. In addition, the solution reduces direct contacts. This means that both the driving staff and employees are better protected in the corona pandemic.

The portal also helps to better orientate oneself on the premises of the branches. Contact points such as goods acceptance or disposition can be viewed directly. The Nagel-Group wants to equip further locations with digital departure management by the middle of the year.

The Nagel-Group has its headquarters in Versmold in North Rhine-Westphalia. The food logistics company operates around 130 locations in Europe. According to its own information, the company employs around 12,000 people and generates an annual turnover of around 1.9 billion euros.

*Jens Dose is editor of the CIO magazine. In addition to the core topics around CIOs and their projects, he also deals with the role of the CISO and its area of responsibility.

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