Nebula Update brings ATP Firewalls via Cloud and VPN

Together with Nebula, ATP firewalls provide comprehensive protection against zero-day and endpoint attacks. […]

Zyxel Networks, a leading provider of secure AI and cloud–based business and home networking solutions, now supports its high-quality Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) firewalls with the centralized cloud management solution Nebula, which provides a variety of feature updates. This enables SMEs and managed service providers (MSP) to make hybrid work – which has now become the norm in many companies – even more efficient and successful. This update is free of charge for existing customers.

Comprehensive security – simple and powerful

Small business owners whose employees work from home often assume that they are adequately protected by routers from well-known telecommunications companies. However, the reality is different. The cost of a professional firewall and robust VPN access is only a fraction of what a possible data loss or the recovery of relevant operational information would cost.

To address this challenge, Zyxel has released a firmware upgrade for the ATP series of premium firewalls that adds advanced network security capabilities to the centrally managed, cloud-based Nebula family. ATP helps protect networks and data from advanced cyber threats such as zero-day attacks that fly under the radar of traditional security solutions. The solution complements the USG-FLEX range in the growing range of firewall solutions with Nebula compatibility.

Complete control and consistent policies

To support secure work in remote locations, network administrators can take advantage of the new key features in the Nebula Control Center to easily and directly deploy the Zyxel SecuExtender VPN client. SecuExtender can be installed on end devices such as desktops or laptops to provide two-factor authentication and a VPN tunnel for those who work at home or outside the office. By adding SecuExtender to Nebula, network administrators can now centrally manage the security of all endpoints and ensure that security policies are met regardless of location.

Simplified license management

With a streamlined and simplified user interface, MSPs and resellers can now manage Nebula licenses through the Circle subscription management platform. In addition to security licenses, the scope of functionalities also includes asset management, account management and e-commerce in a central resource.

“These latest updates to Nebula provide customers with a portfolio of over 60 different products that can all be managed together through a cloud-based network management platform,” said Norbert Roller, Senior Director Channel Business DACH at Zyxel. “This provides SMEs with a wealth of options to help them meet specific requirements and deployment scenarios. As the network landscape has changed dramatically over the past 18 months, we have continued to evolve our offerings for SMBs and MSPs to ensure they can keep up with security and network management challenges.“

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