New AlgoSec product: ObjectFlow manages network security objects

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Single Source of Truth

AlgoSec, one of the world’s leading application connectivity and security policy providers, has announced its new product AlgoSec ObjectFlow, a solution for managing network security objects in hybrid environments that include cloud networks, SDNs and on-premises.

AlgoSec’s new product manages network objects in firewall, SDN and cloud platforms to securely accelerate connectivity changes

Loud Rik Turner, Principal Analyst at Omdia“there is a very real risk of overlapping objects in the complex environments resulting from modern architectures such as SDN as well as hybrid and multi-cloud environments, which makes their management a real problem from a security perspective. There is clearly the potential for automation to further streamline management.“

AlgoSec ObjectFlow provides the most comprehensive visibility and control of network objects in an entire hybrid environment. As a turnkey SaaS-based solution, customers can take advantage of ObjectFlow within minutes of activation.

Professor Avishai Wool, CTO and Co-Founder of AlgoSec

Professor Avishai Wool, CTO and Co-Founder of AlgoSec , explains that ObjectFlow addresses an urgent need in the market for optimal management of network objects, since “most corporate networks rely on a large number of network objects, which often refer to the same addresses in different forms. This leads to an increased risk of misconfigurations, failures and security vulnerabilities.“

The main advantages that ObjectFlow offers for IT, network and security experts include:

A Single Source of Truth

ObjectFlow is a central repository for all network objects used in security policies and allows customers to maintain consistency of definitions across the different management systems of the different vendors.

Object recognition and complete object transparency

ObjectFlow helps organizations leverage SDNs and firewalls to detect all objects on a network. Unique naming conventions can be created and organized on the basis of individual requirements and by several providers.

Automation of object changes

ObjectFlow enables the automation of object changes from a central location. With official vendor API integrations, manual work is avoided, so changes can be made within minutes instead of days.

Risk reduction

ObjectFlow provides complete transparency and consistency across network objects and overcomes organizational silos. With these processes, objects can be easily identified so that networks can be fully secured.

“Network security objects are the be-all and end-all of network security,” explains Eran Shiff, Vice President, Product of AlgoSec. “With ObjectFlow, we offer companies a simple and effective way to manage their network security objects in a centralized object management solution. It helps IT teams to secure the connectivity of applications and reduce the time spent by the security team, which increases efficiency across the board.“

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