New details of Apple’s mixed VR glasses filtered

Apple VR AR gafas realidad mixta

For some time now we have been seeing numerous details about Apple’s intentions to enter the world of virtual reality and augmented reality, with rumors and leaks about their first mixed reality glasses device, but until yesterday we had barely a few details about the possible specifications of the headset.

And is that as they share from 9to5mac, after the last note for investors of the company, the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo mentioned that the new mixed reality glasses will have a 6E WiFi connectivity technology to deliver the highest bandwidth with the best latency, while eliminating the requirement for a wired connection to a computer.

In addition, this connectivity will also mean more capacity, more speed and less traffic, allowing transmissions up to 120 Hz. In fact, as we saw above, it is expected that these Apple glasses also have at least twelve sensors that will have the function of carrying out a very precise follow-up of the movements of the hands of the user as well as the capture of the environment around him, reproducing these contents in powerful 8K displays.

Something that of course, will require the use of a high-end processor inside, and, of course, also makes us question the process capacity that the device that is responsible for generating the virtual environment that will be played on these screens must have.

According to Kuo, Apple will begin production of these mixed reality viewers in the fourth quarter of 2022, and although for the moment he has not wanted to get wet when giving us a date for the public announcement of the product. Something that is repeated for the price, with just a few rumors that place it as a fairly expensive device, suggesting figures that could reach reach and even exceed $ 3,000.

Mention of course that this is a parallel project to the development of Apple Glasses, which are expected to be presented in the coming months.

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