New Facebook Website relies entirely on JavaScript

New Facebook Website relies entirely on JavaScript

After years of organic growth, Facebook has a Website-UI completely re-written with React, GraphQL and without PHP.

The interface of the Website of Facebook has been written by the developers completely new, as the Parties in their Engineering Blog. To use the original from Facebook itself created the JavaScript library React and GraphQL Client, Relay for React as well.

The complete rewriting of such a large and widely-used Website can be called unusual. As the Team writes, been at the Start of the social network in 2004, a simple server-side rendered PHP Website. Since then, new layers for new technologies, however, be always added, which were always maintain harder again, and also Add new functions, more and more complicated would have made.

From the point of view of Facebook, the rewriting of the site had become necessary in order for the many, and modern techniques can be used, which has been presented to the Team for the new page. This, above all, that this will be particularly interactive and how an App should feel like.

Decision to React is not surprising

That decided, the developers of Facebook for React, is a little surprising. The JavaScript library was created in 2011 in the company and since 2013 is available as Open Source. With React Native, the company also makes use of a derivative of a Framework for the development of its mobile Apps for Android and iOS.

The waiver of PHP here is a little surprising. So, the developers write that they were not convinced that in order for a pleasant use can be made possible with client-side Apps. Also, server-side waived Facebook more and more on PHP. For example, the house supports PHP Alternative MANY, only the language, Hack, and not, as originally PHP.

Author of the article Sebastian Green is.

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