New Pavlov VR “WWII Update”

January 8, developers (the outsourcing company) Pavlov VR has released a big upgrade with new maps, weapons, zombies mode and a new interface.

Pavlov VR – shooter virtual reality, which is an analog of the popular computer multiplayer game CS:Go. Realistic features overcharge and dynamic battle on friends, or custom maps is only part of the core gameplay. On the same server with VR-shooter could be up to 10 people at a time. Updating Pavlov VR added maps and modes with increase of capacity up to 20 players.

The new interface


Instead of the gray minimalistic screen, go to the main menu, the user now sees an animated scene of a snowy Stalingrad. It’s a very atmospheric picture with animation snow, but there is a significant disadvantage of this solution associated with optimization – the game has become much longer to run, especially on slower PCs.


In the menu there are new sections, functions and the string “Friends” for quick connection to the server friends.

Weapons of the Second world war

In this update, we introduced 18 new guns, 6 grenades and 3 rocket launcher, categorized on the basis of factions: Axis, Allies and Soviet.

Soviet weapons

Tokarev, PPSH, ДП27, СВТ40, Mosin – Nagant, a Grenade RGD-33, Smoke RGD-2

U.S. and British weapons

Webley, M1 Garand, Sten, Bren, BAR, Thompson, Springfield, Lee-Enfield, M-18 Smoke grenades MK2, PIAT, Bazooka

Weapons Of The Axis

Luger, MP 40, StG 44, MG 42, G43, Stielhandgranate M24, Stielhandgranate M24 smoke, Panzerschreck

Player models

In addition to updating of the Second world war changed the player models, suitable for the era of the Second world war.



There was the original multi-layered maps.

Santorini is a Greek island, the calculation of the mode Search and Destroy or shooter 10×10.


Station three – level subway map where you can die from falling on the railroad tracks. Great for PvP small company.


Bridge – a narrow field of battle, located in a city in Europe, filled with channels. The map brought to the highest level of quality, while maintaining the individuality of the original players know and love.

Datacenter was supplemented with new details, updated lighting and a new urban landscape, without affecting the original layout.

Stalingrad – the largest and most atmospheric map of Pavlov VR. On the server can join up to 30 users!


Modes Pavlov VR

In the standard Pavlov VR had 4 game modes:

  • Search and Destroy the terrorists planting a bomb at point a or b, And the special forces must defuse it.
  • Deathmatch mode where all players are against each other.
  • Team Deathmatch – PvP team.
  • Gun Game mode, where after the death the player is changing weapons.

There are new game modes:

    • Tank TDM game Mode 10 on 10 for 20 players, designed for large maps, suitable for the movement of tanks in the lanes. The game will spawn a special class of players that will appear with a blowtorch to repair tanks. Each tank will be 3 crew: driver, gunner and commander. Vehicles can enter, hand in their knives, which will glow blue when your hand is close to them.
    • WW2 Gun Game. This mode with new weapons. Here the ammo is limited, also appear pills “Jiloca”, in order to restore health.
    • King of the Hill. The format of the battle in certain areas with the aim of capturing the point.
    • WW2 TDM. Shootout team with weapons and skins of the Second World War.
    • Zombies. The wave mode shooter, where the team of four have to fight off zombies (like the mode “Horde” in Arizona: Sunshine).

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