programming environment for the visually-minded Coder

Node is a JavaScript-based programming tool, with links to the Npm Ecosystem. It is parts of the Code in the function blocks that can be visually set in relation to each other.

With the visual programming environment supply the three programmer Nick Nikolov, Marcin Ignac, and Damien Seguin, a hybrid of visual and text-based Coding. Instead of having to create the program Code for an application exclusively via text input, sets of Nodes on a dual principle of operation.

Code blocks are pushed together with a mouse

The individual functions of the created program will continue to be encoded by Hand and then as a function block is stored. Then each of these function are built in blocks with a mouse together and related to each other. The Node App provides a graphical Editor and a text editor so that developers can switch according to your needs. The current status of the development is displayed on a two-dimensional Canvas in addition to the programming environment.

Nodes is the result of the specific requirements of the London Agency Variable, for developers. The Tool has already been used for several customer projects, primarily in the creation of 3D graphics.

3D graphics with Nodes. (Screenshot: Variable)

The Tool should offer particularly creative outsourcing developers with a more open view on the possibilities of the tunnel vision that uses the text-based Coding easily, prevents often. This helps particularly in the case of projects, the Design of Code – such as the IBM Technology Garden. could we call simplified as a Scratch adult. Scratch is a visual programming environment that is tailored to children and young people and for you to Create such Games, and animations possible.

In spite of web technologies Nodes is a native App

In the Node-Playground you can see some of the simpler and more complex projects in Detail, and even a little with the Code-blocks and their relationships to play. At the end Nodes is an App that you download for Windows, MacOS, and Linux and installing the must.

Although you do not fully relies on web technologies, a Cloud-implementation, the developers have to offer. The is on the Agenda for the future development. Nodes is being developed since 2017 and is currently in Version 1.0.

If your Nodes to use for commercial purposes, you have to record your contact to Variable. Free Version can currently be used only for personal projects.

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