NTStarEcho: WLAN for safety-critical applications

The NTStarEcho wireless network architecture developed by NewTec GmbH together with Offenburg University of Applied Sciences enables radio transmissions with high transmission reliability and lowest latency for safety-critical applications up to SIL 3. […]

“In the course of the digitization of processes and in the field of Industry 4.0, flexible and scalable solutions are increasingly in demand,” says Matthias Wolbert, Managing Director of NewTec. “So far, however, cables have been used almost exclusively for critical process control tasks and safety-relevant applications.

Only occasionally do we see proprietary radio solutions. These are superior to the standard radio systems with certain properties according to the respective application requirements. However, they then lack important properties for use beyond this in other scenarios – for example, in the exchange of information between fast-moving tools and machines or in the field of human-robot cooperation.«

NTStarEcho now closes this gap. Thanks to its innovative, star-shaped wireless network topology with a variable number of cooperating echo nodes, NTStarEcho also meets the highest requirements for reliability and transmission speed (low latency) while offering high reliability and scalability.

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