NTT increases computing power in Vienna to over 15 megawatts

NTT increases computing power in Vienna to over 15 megawatts

A federal grant of 4 million euros supports the expansion of the data center and is intended to ensure high-availability access with a large bandwidth for companies. […]

The Campus Vienna 1 of the Global Data Centers Division of NTT Ltd. at Wienerberg currently has an area of 5,800 square meters and offers a computing power of around eleven megawatts. The growing demand and the rapidly increasing data volume makes an expansion necessary. With the commitment for an investment premium of 4.12 million euros by the federal government, the globally active Japanese IT group was able to start with the expansion. By summer 2022, 15.2 megawatts of IT capacity and 8,600 square meters of data center space will be available to customers.

“The globally increasing volume of data means that companies need more and more digital infrastructure, which we as an IT service provider can operate more efficiently, securely and at a lower cost than the companies themselves,” explains Nora Lawender, CEO of NTT Ltd. in Austria. “In addition, our data centers are connected to large Internet nodes such as the Vienna Internet eXchange (VIX), cloud providers and telecommunications providers. This allows us to guarantee our customers high-availability access with high bandwidth and low latency to a wide variety of networks.”

Expansion of services until summer 2022

As a first step, NTT will expand the existing campus in Vienna by around 3,000 square meters to 8,600 square meters: “This will enable us to offer our customers 15.2 megawatts of IT capacity from summer 2022. But because the demand for data center services in Austria is growing rapidly, we are already looking for further expansion opportunities,“ Lawender continues.

The federal government has pledged an investment premium of 4.12 million euros for the expansion. Margarete Schramböck, Federal Minister for Digitalisation and Economic Affairs, explains why Austria is so important as a centre of accountancy as follows: “Digitalisation and digital technologies are crucial for the competitiveness of our country. With the investment premium, we have therefore particularly supported investments in the digital and sustainable transformation. As you can see, this premium is well invested! This secures Austria’s position as a top business location and domestic jobs in all regions of Austria.“

For NTT, Austria has become a key market due to this increasing data volume. Walter Kasal, Head of the Regions Austria & Switzerland of the Global Data Centers Division of NTT Ltd. is confident: “We will continue to invest in Austria over the next few years and continue to expand the location. In this way, we are responding to the growing demand and supporting authorities and companies in their digitization path. The aim is to continue to offer sustainable solutions for our customers and to act as a reliable IT partner.“

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