Nutanix launches the Elevate service provider program

Nutanix has launched its Nutanix Elevate Service Provider Program. The specialist for private, hybrid and multi-cloud computing wants to let service providers worldwide benefit from the advantages of the Elevate partner program. […]

Nutanix, a specialist in private, hybrid and multi-cloud computing, also announced and presented its Nutanix Elevate Service Provider Program during a media conference on current challenges and innovations. The German Nutanix team included Peter Goldbrunner, Vice President Sales and Country Manager Germany and Austria, and Thomas Huber, Director Channel and OEM Sales Germany and Austria.

Ds program is designed to enable service providers, including managed and cloud service providers, to develop, deliver and offer highly differentiated hybrid and multi– cloud services, thereby reducing time to market and increasing their own profitability.

Many companies are looking for ways to simplify their IT operations, according to Nutanix. With this in mind, IDC forecasts the cloud services market to grow to $ 101.1 billion by 2024. This opens up market opportunities for service providers, but at the same time challenges them to meet increasingly individualized customer requirements while remaining profitable. The Nutanix Elevate Service Provider program is designed to help service providers improve their profit margins and agility by addressing the vendor exclusivity and minimum revenue obligations typical of traditional service provider models and programs.

“Demand for managed and cloud services is rising sharply. Service providers are in an excellent position to support companies with growth, optimization approaches and digital transformation needs, ” says Christian Alvarez, SVP Worldwide Channels at Nutanix“ “With the Nutanix Elevate Service Provider program, we reward our partners’ commitment by delivering high-quality IT cloud service offerings and helping our partners maximize their profitability and increase their revenue potential through premium offerings.“

Details about the Nutanix Elevate Service Provider Program“

The service provider program extends Nutanix Elevate by two partner levels: the Authorized Service Provider and the Professional Service Provider. The Authorized Service Provider includes all service providers who want to become Nutanix partners, as well as those who are already partners and deliver Nutanix services to small to medium-sized companies. The Professional Service Provider provides differentiated service offerings for larger companies. Partners participating in the program can take advantage of all the benefits described in the Elevate Service Provider Program Guide(PDF)-including training, non-resale and Nutanix-XLAB software licenses, and training assistance. Professional service provider partners benefit from Nutanix’s comprehensive support — including marketing materials, funds to develop new market segments, sales tools, target-based financial incentives and discounts, and personalized access to the Nutanix Partner Portal.

According to Nutanix, the advantages of the solutions and the Elevate service provider program include:

  • More profit: Simplified pricing options and the waiver of minimum sales or mandatory product purchases help service providers achieve greater profitability. Nutanix service providers also benefit from significantly less administrative overhead compared to competitors – the essence of Nutanix’s high-performance and cost-effective hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution.
  • More sales and shorter time to market: The simplicity of Nutanix solutions can help reduce time — to-market thanks to more than 80% faster deployment. Nutanix service providers can also set up new services and scale quickly. These include private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments, desktop as a Service (DaaS), disaster recovery as a Service (DRaaS), database as a Service (DBaaS), and more. Service providers can also use Nutanix software licenses at their customers ‘ premises, in their own environments, or on Nutanix clusters in public cloud environments. Nutanix Clusters runs on AWS and AWS GovCloud; support for Microsoft Azure is currently under development. This allows you to pave your customers a fast path to the hybrid cloud.
  • Easyt: The key feature of Nutanix’s solutions — and a key factor behind the company’s average Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 90 over the past seven years-is simplicity. Thanks to Nutanix, service providers are able to provide, update, scale and equip IT services of any size at the touch of a button with functions for car repair and troubleshooting, etc. Service provider partners can thus benefit from around 60% more efficient IT infrastructure management. You can use the time you gain to focus on innovation and supporting business priorities. In addition, the automatic consumption measurement (auto-metering) gives you the opportunity to provide your customers with detailed billing.

Nutanix offers the “Service Provider Starter Pack”to new partners who join the Elevate Service Provider program. The time-limited introductory offer includes training, certifications and the appropriate Nutanix software to help partners bring their differentiated services into real operation and generate initial sales. This offer is now available.

The Nutanix Elevate Service Provider program is now available to service providers worldwide. For more information on registration, benefits and the program guide, please visit available. Partners will also receive further information about the program in the webinar on June 30, 2021.

* Patrick Hediger has been working at the Online PC magazine since 2006 and is editor-in-chief. Since 2015 he has been Head of online Editorial at NMGZ and also for and responsible. Before joining Online PC, Patrick Hediger worked for the publisher and Migros Presse. He was also part of the editorial starting team of Netzwoche.

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