NVIDIA adds DLSS to VR titles for the first time


The momentum of DLSS technology and ray tracing continues to advance at full speed in the gaming scene, with more and more developers and titles adopting this technology from NVIDIA. And is that the company has just announced that this month will be released and updated up to nine games:

  • Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition: the final update of Metro Exodus with DLSS, revised on this website at the end of last month of this month, doubling the frame rate, turning GeForce RTX GPUs into machines capable of moving the game to 4K.
  • Everspace 2: The early access space RPG shooter will be updated today with DLSS support, increasing performance by up to 80%.
  • AMID EVIL: The long-awaited retro shooter with ray tracing effects and NVIDIA DLSS, which increases performance by 2.7 X to 4K with ray tracing enabled.
  • Aron’s Adventure: An action-RPG with DLSS for Unreal Engine 4 and a performance jump of up to 60%, allowing each GeForce RTX GPU to run the game at more than 60 FPS at 4K.
  • Redout: Space Assault: the space shooter adds NVIDIA DLSS and ray tracing for a more immersive experience.
  • Scavengers: this free shooting game is updated with NVIDIA DLSS to improve its performance by up to 40%, allowing you to maximize the graphics of the game and play at more than 60 FPS on all GeForce RTX 30 GPU Series.
  • ♪ No Man’s Sky ♪: an upcoming update will include NVIDIA DLSS in conventional and virtual reality version, increasing desktop mode performance by up to 70% at 4K, substantially improving the fluidity and responsiveness of the game, giving players a better overall experience.
  • Wrench: Mechanical simulator adds ray tracing and NVIDIA DLSS, doubling desktop performance to 4K.
  • Into The Radius: The virtual reality survival shooter will receive a noticeable improvement in smoothing, which greatly reduces brightness and stair-stepping on objects and foliage, further improving image quality and immersion.

In fact, there is no doubt that these last three titles are the ones that most draw our attention, the first DLSS support for VR titles.

Although certainly not Man’s Sky is one of the most notable games to get a DLSS update, with an update coming later this month with the promise of improves desktop performance by up to 70% when playing in 4K, with a smoother gaming experience and greater responsiveness.

In fact, according to the company, this technology will be able to double performance in virtual reality mode when using the Ultra graphics preset, coming to hold speeds up to 90 FPS with the GeForce RTX 3080.


How DLSS technology works

Based on the artificial intelligence of NVIDIA graphics cards, this technology is aimed at reducing GPU workload by allowing the images to be rendered to a smaller size, thus allowing each frame to be re-sampled to a larger size without this supposing a loss of quality, thanks to the previous training to which the deep learning algorithms on which it is based have been subjected.

Nor can we talk about a simple rescaling. It is a technology that renders at lower than native resolution, and that combines several images to reconstruct an image with a quality equal to or even higher than what we would have if it had been rendered at the native resolution. To carry out this process, artificial intelligence algorithms are used that choose and combine only the best images, a workload that is carried out in the tensor cores only available in the RTX series 20 and in the RTX series 30.

It is true that the result of the first version of DLSS was not remarkable at all, leaving us many doubts about what was initially promised. But the evolutionary leap made with DLSS 2.0 was a 180º turn, with an improvement and quality that will undoubtedly offer us a unique gaming experience at the height of the new generation.

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