Oculus VR glasses no longer require a Facebook account

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Following the surprise announcement of the rebranding of Facebook to Meta during the business event Connect 2021 AR / VR, it seems that this change will involve much more than the merco name change of the parent company, since it will mean in turn the dissolution of the Oculus brand.

But do not panic, since again it will be an action almost completely linked to the change of the name under which the new hardware devices will arrive, which they will now become a more essential part of the Goal. Thus, there will also be a possibly more significant change in the software field, as Oculus accounts will finally be fully unlinked from Facebook accounts, which will eliminate the need to have an account in the social network to be able to use the headphones.

Oculus Rift 2

This is how he shared it Andrew Bosworth, vice president of augmented and virtual reality at Meta, in a long statement through his profile on the social network, in which he explains that “As we have focused more on the work and have heard comments from the virtual reality community more broadly, we are working on new ways to log in to Quest that will not require a Facebook account, which will arrive sometime next year. This is one of our most priority areas of work internally.»

This is how one of the most requested changes by users for years, although it seems that it has finally occurred not because of the pressure of these, but in a boast of avoiding once again the link with the negative connotations that continue to harass the Facebook brand, and thus encourage new users who are not interested in creating one of these accounts.

While the company has advanced as these changes will not be fully implemented until 2022, some users have reported that they have already been able to unlink their Facebook accounts from Oculus support, still maintaining access to purchases and most non-social features of the headphones.

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