Omada and ESG: Hybrid work drives identity governance policy review

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More than half of the companies surveyed are renewing IGA as part of their digital transformation

The increase in hybrid forms of work is increasing the need for enhanced identity governance and access (IGA), according to a new report by Omada A/S (“Omada”) and Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). The full report “Advances and Trends in Modern Identity Governance and Administration” is available for download on the Omada website at the following link:

The report found that the adoption of the cloud continues to grow, with scalability being an important factor. It is estimated that seven out of ten business-critical applications will soon be cloud-based. This is in line with the preferences for IGA deployment: 72 percent of respondents said that they would opt for a cloud-based IGA if they were starting from scratch. With distributed workforces that are now established in the long term, identities are no longer under one or even only a handful of roofs. IT teams need to future-proof their IGA implementations to ensure they are ready for modern work environments. Of the companies surveyed for the report, 52 percent fully agree that they have had to rethink their company’s IGA policies over the past 24 months due to the advancing hybrid and remote working models.

According to the respondents, the most important advantages of a modern IGA for hybrid workers include the following:

Cloud-based deployment

66 Percent of companies chose a cloud-based IGA solution after reviewing their existing strategy. In addition, 38 percent of respondents estimated the ability of cloud-based IGA systems to accelerate and automate the deployment of new features without the need to evaluate and install software patches and releases.


49 Percent of respondents admit that access requests are still processed manually. 46 Percent of the respondents stated that higher employee productivity would bring the highest tangible return on investment (ROI).


90 Percent of organizations agree that implementing IGA is an important aspect of fighting ransomware, and 87 percent say it is an integral part of their zero trust implementations.
Jack Poller, senior analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group, comments on the report: “ESG believes that IGA projects have the highest strategic priority. The improved efficiency, scalability, automation, and lower total cost of ownership that can be achieved with today’s cloud-based identity management and governance systems make the functional benefits of identity and access governance more tangible than ever.“

Michael Garrett, CEO of Omada “The hybrid work model is shifting the perimeter further and further towards identity, which can open up companies to new threats, especially through unauthorized access to a growing subset of business applications and data. Therefore, as part of the modernization of their identity security programs, companies need to invest in cloud-based IGA to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of their identity management processes.”

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