Omada receives award at the coveted Global InfoSec Awards

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The IGA company is awarded by the editorial team in the category Identity and Access Management

Omada A/S (Omada), a leading global provider of identity governance and administration (IGA) software, has received the coveted Editor’s Choice Identity and Access Management award from Cyber Defense Magazine (CDM), the leading electronic information security magazine.

Companies are focusing on digital transformation, moving their activities to the cloud and looking for solutions for identity and access management. Since most users are now out of the reach of traditional security solutions, companies are more exposed to various threats, which is a great opportunity for cybercriminals.

Omada has taken the initiative and developed a unique SaaS-supported IGA solution that meets the requirements of modern companies worldwide and can be implemented in just twelve weeks – a stark contrast to the typical IGA deployment. The solution with cloud architecture gives companies the opportunity to support the new world of cloud operations in the same way that Omada has supported the companies that have preferred to use software on site. Omada Identity Cloud provides essential identity governance capabilities for secure, compliant and efficient management of access by all users (employees, partners, customers and contractors) across all systems and applications.

Michael Garrett, CEO of Omada, about the award: “This prestigious award is a confirmation of our company’s efforts to enable more secure, compliant and efficient administration through consistent identity and access management. We are very pleased about this prestigious and coveted cybersecurity award from Cyber Defense Magazine. Omada is committed to continuous innovation to reliably protect our customers.“

Yan Ross, Editor of Cyber Defense Magazine: “We have been looking for innovative IT security solutions around the world that could make a big difference and help to stop the exponential growth of cybercrime. Omada is absolutely worth receiving this coveted award and considering it for use in your environment.“

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