On a war footing with the smartphone keyboard

On a war footing with the smartphone keyboard

What do you do if you have a little too thick or clumsy fingers to type something on the touchscreen of the smartphone? Two options. […]

This should affect many users, not just older ones. It is not given to everyone to type around on smartphone displays as weaselflink and error-free as one would like. And if you also have to type in a highly complicated password, the built-in autocorrection does not help.

Variant 1: Turn smartphone

Temporarily turn the smartphone to the horizontal. This reduces the upper part of the display, but the keyboard is pulled in width. This increases the distances between the letters. This could increase the accuracy, for example, when entering a password.

How to set the rotation behavior of your Android display, read here. On iPhones, according to Apple, it goes like this: on devices without a Home button, swipe down from the upper right corner, on devices with a Home button, swipe up from the bottom. In both cases, the control center opens. In it, disable the alignment lock (a lock icon with a circular arrow) so that the display screen automatically rotates when you tilt the device horizontally.

In landscape format, the letters may be better to hit (c) PCtipp.ch

Variant 2: Pen operation

Only a few smartphones come with a stylus. But the vast majority can still be operated with a pen. While users in Germany may opt for a product from the Stylusshop, in Switzerland such operating pens (also called touchpens) are available, for example, at the apple crate, at Microspot and at other retailers.

Ballpoint pen at one end, touch pen at the other (c) Microspot/PCtipp. ch

Some products have a dual function: they are otherwise ordinary ballpoint pens with the usual clip. At the other end of the pen is the ballpoint pen button, designed to work like a very slim finger on a smartphone. (PCtipp Forum)

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