OneDrive stuck when syncing a single file

OneDrive stuck when syncing a single file

When syncing data to your OneDrive account, OneDrive is stuck with a single file, such as a larger one.pst file of Outlook. Our simple tip should help. […]

Which .pst files of Outlook serve as an example here, because it happens more often with these. However, the problem itself can also occur with other files. Suppose you manage your mail with Outlook and archive many of them into a separate one .pst file. These are already bigger.sync pst file to your OneDrive account so that it is backed up there in case something happens to your hard drive.

Now sometimes this happens: You notice that the OneDrive icon is permanently active at the bottom right of the notification area, recognizable by the rotating circle arrow on the icon, although you are not currently editing files that it could synchronize. You click on the OneDrive icon and notice that OneDrive seems to sync all the other files without any problems – and only one.pst file (or any other file) seems to be stuck.

Tip 1: File in use?

If it really is one.pst file, it may be in use by Outlook. OneDrive may just be waiting for the file to become free. To do this, temporarily quit Outlook completely by quitting Outlook altogether: File/Quit. If it affects files of another application, terminate it. Simply so that the file is no longer in use.

Watch the behavior of OneDrive. Click the OneDrive icon at the bottom right of the notification area. Is the file synced now?

Tip 2: How big is the file?

A few years ago, a file size of 2 GB was over. Later, the maximum size of a file to be uploaded was raised to 15 GB. In March 2021, Microsoft increased the maximum file size for individual files on OneDrive to a whopping 250 GB. So if your file doesn’t exceed that immense size and you basically have enough space on your OneDrive account, that shouldn’t be the problem.

Tip 3: Pause, start again

Most of the time, it helps to pause the sync process briefly and start it again. To do this, click your OneDrive icon at the bottom right of the notification area, followed by the gear icon for Help & Settings. Expand Pause Synchronization and select the first entry, for example 2 hours. Wait a few seconds. Now the sync should be paused. You can recognize this by a pause icon (two vertical small dashes next to each other) on the OneDrive icon itself and after clicking on it. At the top of the OneDrive menu, you can see the pause icon next to the note “Your data is not currently synced”.

Temporarily pause the synchronization (c)

Usually this is enough. If you click the Pause icon at the top of the paused OneDrive, syncing resumes. As a rule, it now works with the matching of the file that was clamped earlier.

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