Open source provider Samba releases patches for three CVEs

Qualys kommentiert den Microsoft Patch Tuesday Juli 2021

For the standard program of interoperability of Windows with Linux and Unix, three patches have been released for its current versions. Among these vulnerabilities, CVE-2021-44142 is particularly serious, as it allows attackers to run code as root.

Paul Baird, Chief Technical Security Officer UK at Qualys

“Samba is a widely used application for file and print services between Unix-like systems such as Linux or AIX, Windows machines and macOS (client and server),” says Paul Baird, Chief Technical Security Officer UK at Qualys. “She’s been around since 1992 and she’s incredibly popular and good at what she does. Due to its widespread distribution across multiple operating systems, this vulnerability affects all users, from private users to companies and everything in between.

The security releases include:

  • CVE-2021-44141: UNIX extensions in SMB1 indicate whether the external target of a symlink exists.
  • CVE-2021-44142 : Out-of-Bound Read/Write on Samba vfs_fruit module.
  • CVE-2022-0336: Re-adding an SPN skips subsequent SPN conflict checks.

CVE-2021-44142 allows attackers to run code as root, which gives them unrestricted access to the attacked computer. It is recommended to check the entire network for the use of Samba and install patches as soon as possible.“

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