OpenAPI Initiative welcomes new member

The Cloud Communication provider Vonage is the OpenAPI Initiative, joined. As a result, the company will help the OpenAPI specification to advance and shall appoint representatives to the Board as well as in the technical steering Committee.

The OpenAPI Specification (OAS) is a manufacturer-independent, open Standard for the description of REST-compliant application programming interfaces (APIs). With OAS both humans and computers can understand the functionality of an API service, without having to use the source code or the documentation, or the network traffic to check access.

The Standard is used by many API-Service providers, including Vonage. The Cloud communications provider now wants to steer into the skid active in the fortunes of the OpenAPI Initiative and will participate as a member active in the Business Governance Board and the Technical Steering Committee. Representatives are, therefore, decide on the General direction and the technical details of the OpenAPI Standards.

“We have the same philosophy as OpenAPI: We are of the opinion that technology, users should be friendly and accessible to everyone,” said Roland, Selmer, SVP of Product Management for Vonage. “It is great to now belong to the OpenAPI Community, because it has an enormous importance for our developer network.”

The fully programmable Vonage API platform has a growing network of more than one Million registered outsourcing developers. It allows the Integration of Video, Voice, Chat, Messaging, and verification features in existing products, processes, and systems – with just a few lines of code and without internal developer expertise.

For Marsh Gardiner, Marketing Group, Chair of the OpenAPI Initiative and Product Manager at Google Cloud, are Standards for the growth of an industry is crucial: “The OpenAPI Specification is a very useful Tool that was developed for describing modern APIs. By the accession of Vonage to the OpenAPI Initiative, our broad-based members can develop this important Standard and even better in.”

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