Operator Lookup is a reference work for JavaScript operators

Some JavaScript operators are difficult to google. Who, like the developer behind Operator Lookup, can never remember what is behind ?? right? hides, the web app presented in this tooltip will surely find it useful.

Like other programming languages, JavaScript has a number of operators. An operator is a means or method of performing logical operations.

In JavaScript there is a whole range of operators, which can be divided into assignment operators, comparison operators, arithmetic operators, bit operators, logical operators, operators for linking strings and ternary – or conditional – operators.

=== is a comparison operator, also called the strict equality operator. It can be used to check whether two values ​​are the same. Unlike the equality operator ==, the strict equality operator also includes the type of the values ​​to be compared. While

console.log (10 == „10“)

true would return, would

console.log (10 === „10“)

false hand back. The value 10 of the type number is ultimately not strictly equal to the value “10“Of type string.

?? is difficult to google

Looking up such operators is not always easy – search engines often ignore certain special characters. You can bypass this setting by putting the operator you are looking for in quotation marks. But even this does not seem to lead to the desired search result with some operators. The developer Josh W. Comeau has now quickly built a web app that eliminates this problem. As the name suggests, “Operator Lookup” is a reference work for JavaScript operators. Operators like ?? or ?. can be looked up without any problems – in contrast to the Google search.

Even for developers who rarely find themselves embarrassed not to be able to find an operator immediately using the Google search, Comeau’s reference work might be worth a look – you may find one or the other operator here that you did not know yet .

Comeau only shared his work on Twitter on Monday – along with the disclaimer that it could still contain typographical and careless mistakes.

Anyone who finds the project useful and likes to work on small to medium-sized leisure team projects – the request for a reference work for terminal commands was expressed in the associated thread.

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