Orca Security makes security in the cloud measurable and analyzable

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Attack path analysis and Business impact Score for cloud-native applications

Orca Security, the innovation leader for cloud Security, today presented the industry’s first attack path analysis and a business impact score for cloud-native applications. The new Attack Path Analysis and Business Impact Score feature automatically combines cloud risks and insights, including vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and trust permissions. The aim is to show the most critical attack paths that lead to the “crown jewels”, i.e. the most valuable data stocks and resources of a company.

Security teams can now go far beyond prioritizing silo-based alerts and focus on the handful of toxic combinations of issues that target the most important data assets

Security teams can now get an overview of the company’s risk via an interactive dashboard instead of dealing with isolated alerts. This approach prevents the so-called alarm fatigue, i.e. fatigue from frequent warnings, shortens the time to fix problems and helps to avoid harmful data breaches.

“Our previous cloud security solution generated hundreds of thousands of alerts that teams had to go through manually. This was unmanageable and there was no effective way to prioritize the alerts,” explained Stacey Halota, Vice President, IT Security and Privacy at Graham Holdings. “Frankly, people were upset. The difference with Orca Security was like night and day. Every single business unit that has introduced Orca is enthusiastic about it.“

Orca Attack Path Analysis and Business Impact Score helps to curb fatigue from cloud security alerts. According to the Orca Security 2022 Cloud Security Alert Fatigue Report, more than half of respondents (55 percent) confirmed that their team has missed critical alarms in the past due to ineffective prioritization of alarms – often on a weekly or even daily basis.

“Traditional security approaches prioritize individual risks, such as a known vulnerability or misconfiguration, without taking into account how these risks interact with each other and endanger the company’s most important assets,” explained Avi Shua, Co-Founder and CEO of Orca Security . “This is an extremely ineffective approach to cloud security. Security teams need to focus on the context surrounding each risk and how the risks can be related. Orca Attack Path Analysis and Business Impact Score significantly increases the effectiveness of cloud defenders, allowing them to focus on the risks and attack paths that matter most.“

Orca Security provides attack path visualization, assessment and prioritization

Orca Security provides a visual representation of an attack path, as well as detailed information about each step within the chain. In addition, Orca Security assigns an overall rating (from 0 to 99) to each attack path.

To calculate the score, Orca Security uses an algorithm based on several factors within the attack path. These include, for example, the underlying severity of a particular vulnerability and its accessibility and the risk of lateral displacement. It also captures the business impact – such as access to sensitive data and critical assets, including personal identification data, secrets, permissions, intellectual property, financial information, and more. Security teams can also tag the most valuable data assets and assets in their cloud inventory.

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