OTORIO and CYE provide end-to-end protection for converged environments

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Industrial Cybersecurity

Unified cybersecurity solution for IT/OT/IIoT Convergence

For more than 30 years, companies have had their hands full protecting their data, intellectual property and information technology from cyber threats. Since then, it has been important to secure the bits and bytes that are crucial for business continuity. Recently, OT systems and critical infrastructures have become the focus of the most sophisticated cyberattacks. Vital, large industrial facilities that used to be protected are now exposed to dangerous threat actors. If we add to this the complex technological advances resulting from the rapid emergence of the Internet of Things, we suddenly witness an exponential growth of attack vectors. OTORIO and CYE have therefore teamed up to deliver the first unified solution for monitoring and managing cybersecurity across the full range of converged IT, OT and IoT.

Merging of domains

Industry 4.0 and digital transformation are driving the need to connect OT operations to the corporate network. The introduction of a solid IT/ OT convergence strategy is therefore an essential prerequisite today. Intelligent sensors and other IoT devices are distributed across the production lines and generate and consume important operational and business data. As a result, industrial environments are increasingly dependent on the integration of automation, communication and data. The world is now at the zenith of the triple convergence of IT, OT and IIoT solutions.

Hackers sneak in across domains

Where OT resources used to be isolated from the IT part of the company, they have now converged with it – and the cyber attackers know this. Their lateral movements now allow them to access sensors, machines and entire industrial networks from the shipping department to the factory floor and from there, disrupting production and stopping huge production facilities to blackmail companies.

Unified approach that sees and protects all assets

With the rapid convergence of OT, IT and IoT, organizations can no longer provide protection by implementing different cybersecurity strategies in each of the three separate areas. You need to adopt a unified strategy with an effective, comprehensive and affordable solution that protects all your assets and data from cyber threats that occur throughout your converged operations and enable attack scenarios.

The advantages of combining all three areas in a comprehensive cybersecurity solution are obvious:

  • A single interface for continuous monitoring of the entire security situation.
  • Proactive quantification of risks and identification of hazards in all IT, OT and Industrial IoT environments.
  • Inventory of all OT/IT/IIoT systems that are coordinated with the business processes.
  • Securing the digital transformation to Industry 4.0.
  • Extending safety visibility to areas that are currently in the blind spot.
  • Supporting the growing number of standards and simplifying compliance processes.
  • Building long-term cybersecurity best practices by combining technology and services.

End-to-end protection for converged IT/OT/IoT environments

OTORIO and CYE have teamed up to deliver the first unified cybersecurity monitoring and management solution across the full range of converged IT, OT and IoT. With its state-of-the-art technology for digital risk management, OTORIO offers OT cyber protection at the highest level. CYE is an established IT cybersecurity consultant for medium-sized and Fortune 500 companies.

From a single interface, companies can view and understand their entire security situation. You can protect the entire way data flows through your IT networks, right down to the protocols that control the machines on the factory floor.

Hyver, CYE’s leading IT cybersecurity solution, provides full visibility of the attack paths in corporate networks and translates technical risks into business risks by correlating the value of the assets, the severity of the vulnerabilities and the activities of the threat actors. OTORIO’s RAM2 offers proactive risk management that ensures visibility and simplified cybersecurity management for all OT and IoT facilities as well as IT devices in the operating network. To this end, RAM2 correlates several security events to focused insights and prioritizes risks according to their impact on operational processes.
Hyver and RAM2 are working together to standardize and expand effective cybersecurity for the entire company and all its facilities.

Precautions before an incident and detection and protection after an incident

The unified solution takes advantage of the continuous monitoring of the inventory of production facilities, OT vulnerabilities and special remedial measures by RAM2, as well as passive monitoring, active query and orchestration of security and industrial data sources within the OT environment. OTORIO RAM2 generates and correlates Indicators of Exposure (IOE) and Indications of Compromise (IOC) to identify suspicious attack patterns in the OT environment, even before an actual attack occurs.

CYE Hyver offers similar features on the IT side. In addition, it identifies necessary optimizations to reduce risk in the company’s networks and endpoints. The joint solution improves the ability to detect gaps and vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. At the same time, it improves the early detection of attack attempts and ongoing attacks as well as the rapid damage limitation, regardless of where the attack started and where it has spread.

Prioritized mitigation and remediation

The unified solution provides actionable mitigation plans based on prioritizing the routes of attack and calculating the potential impact of each risk on production and business continuity. This allows organizations to quickly eliminate threats and mitigate security breaches, while optimizing resource allocation and meeting budget and operational constraints.

Monitoring of the security situation and compliance

CYE Hyver’s risk assessment and streamlined risk mitigation plan help organizations comply with IT regulations and industry standards. This is further reinforced by OTORIO RAM2’s security configurations at plant, process, site and multi-site level as well as by conformity tests in accordance with current and new industrial security standards such as IEC 62443.

Security from a central interface

OT, IT and IoT are merging more and more. All three areas are facing increasing threats. Attackers can steal important information, bring production to a standstill and even endanger human lives. The time when cybersecurity requirements were dealt with separately is coming to an end. The advantages of combining all three areas in a comprehensive cybersecurity solution are immediate and decisive for Industry 4.0. OTORIO and CYE already offer these advantages today.

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