ownCloud Launches Beta Phase of Infinite Scale​

ownCloud Launches Beta Phase of Infinite Scale​

ownCloud has released the beta version of its new data platform Infinite Scale. The open source community is invited to test the solution in detail together with ownCloud and to further optimize it. […]

Infinite Scale by ownCloud is an open source data platform that should make it possible to integrate various data sources, identity and access management as well as other infrastructure components. According to a press release, the goal is to comprehensively manage and work with both data and metadata of an organization as easily as possible.

This will be made possible by a new web front-end, the native ownCloud clients and standardized APIs that provide a uniform data access layer across all data. The data sources can be geographically distributed and can be available on-premises, in various clouds or hybrid combinations.

The cloud-native platform is based on a microservices architecture, which is compatible with Go and Vue.js was implemented on a modern and future-proof technology stack. In architectural design, particular attention was paid to avoiding complexity and software-based dependencies. For example, Infinite Scale does not require a database. As a result, the platform aims to ensure robustness, performance and scalability with fast deployment and easy operation at the same time.

All planned content collaboration functions for the general availability version planned for the course of the year are already included in the now released beta version. This includes the well-known web office integrations and in particular the “Spaces” feature already presented in the Tech Preview, a new concept for the digital collaboration of project teams in data rooms.

The open source community is invited to test the infinite scale platform together with ownCloud in order to detect possible errors that still exist and to fix them together with the ownCloud developers. ownCloud plans to release a new release every two weeks during the beta phase. Participants in the beta program can be informed automatically by e-mail regularly about all new features.

“The start of the beta phase of Infinite Scale after more than two years of focused development is a great moment for us and our community,” says Tobias Gerlinger, CEO of ownCloud. “We are very much looking forward to continuing to pull together with our community in order to further perfect the innovative data platform together.“

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