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Flexibility for hybrid workforces

The post-pandemic era brings with it, among other things, permanently hybrid working models. It can be seen how companies are opening their doors again, with some employees returning to the office, others working from home, and still others doing both. Some days you come to the office, on others you work at home. A recent ESG research report shows that nearly three-quarters of companies plan to maintain at least 25 field offices or branches in the next 24 months.

At the same time, a similar study shows that 62 percent of employees prefer a hybrid model or want to work entirely from home. Therefore, a new approach to connecting and securing employees is needed. For this reason, companies rely on Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), which combines security, Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and networking to support hybrid workforces.

With this in mind, Palo Alto Networks is introducing new innovations for Prisma SASE, including Prisma SD-WAN bandwidth licensing on-demand.

Industry’s most flexible SD-WAN with bandwidth licensing on-demand

When companies reopen their branches, the number of returning employees and the required bandwidth are still unknown and inconsistent. However, current SD-WAN solutions offer an inflexible branch office bandwidth model that is purchased on a site-by-site basis. As a result, network administrators are faced with high operational complexity, which often leads to overcrowding in bandwidth allocation, which, in turn, entails further costs. In addition, the existing solutions are complex and not designed for simple and flexible use. They are often based on several different SD-WAN and security products or force companies to combine numerous providers and products with each other.

Palo Alto Networks Prisma SD-WAN is the only next-generation SD-WAN that is autonomous, integrated and secure. Unlike traditional SD-WAN solutions, which bring security vulnerabilities and complexity, Prisma SD-WAN automates and simplifies tedious network operations using AIOps and ML methods, providing best-in-class security and networking capabilities for branch offices.

As part of its ongoing next-generation innovations, Prisma SD-WAN is now revolutionizing the way companies can use SD-WAN: as the industry’s most flexible SD-WAN that includes SD-WAN licensing with on-demand bandwidth. This flexible, subscription-based model for Prisma SD-WAN enables companies to reduce WAN costs by up to 45 percent by purchasing SD-WAN subscriptions as an aggregated pool that can be flexibly distributed to any location. In addition, customers can now activate Prisma SD-WAN as a simple add-on module to Prisma Access, speeding up their journey to SASE. Existing usage models such as Prisma SD-WAN a-la-carte and Prisma SASE bundles will continue to be supported to ensure maximum flexibility for companies.

“Palo Alto Networks Prisma SD-WAN continues to innovate and is now the first company in the industry to offer an SD-WAN consumption model with on-demand bandwidth,” explains Bob Laliberte, ESG Principal Analyst at ESG Research. “This allows companies to optimize their resources based on location and gives them the flexibility to allocate, expand or reduce a pooled bandwidth for their SD-WAN subscription to ensure agility and minimize costs.“

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