Parents trust USK-labelling of Play

Many parents are aware of the growing popularity of video games and pay attention to whether the games are suitable for their children and how much time the buds in front console, mobile phone or PC spend.


Just in Lockdown many adults spent, but also children’s play time at home in front of the video. The reason for a lot of parents, to have an accurate eye on the selection of the games and the season, such as Innofact found in order by the industry Association game in a survey of 1,000 people aged 16 to 69 out.

Thus, nine out of ten parents swear by the choice of the teaching games for their children on the USK-age mark on the packaging of the Games. 64 percent, in addition, technical youth protection solutions use, such as for example, the restriction of the season. In addition, many parents talk with their children when it comes to video games. Part of this is that the guardians to know 93 percent of what games their children consume, and 91 percent of them, and for how long.

In this case, parents want to have not only the time but also an Overview of the expenditure for Computer and video games. All the 95 per cent pay attention, therefore, on how much money their children to invest in the Medium of Games. The survey also take less than two-thirds of the parents the time to play the games with your kids together.

“Games are a particularly popular Medium for all age groups. Well, that all have the majority of the parents in the glance which Games your children are using and how you do it,” Felix Falk, managing Director of the game. “Because the best media sovereignty and digital skills through a mutual exchange of project ideas between parents and children, and the joint will be able to Play in the family to learn. As the Games industry we support, for example by the USK-age indicator, technical youth protection solutions or assistance, such as the advice for parents of USK and the Foundation of Digital game culture.”

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