PlayStation VR2 will offer a major leap forward with features such as eye movement tracking

Sony PlayStation VR2 PS VR2

After months of negotiations, last Friday Sony shared an announcement about its new partnership and agreement with Tobii, a leading company in eye tracking, through which they will implement the capabilities of this company in their next virtual reality headset, the PlayStation VR2.

Although it is clear that the inclusion of this ocular technique will imply the realization of some technical changes in the Sony device, no notable change will be made with respect to the previously advanced design. However, this technology adds a lot of possibilities, since we it will allow you to control some elements of the games only with the movement of our eyes.

Tobii itself already has an application for computers (with the required use of a camera) with a collection of more than 50 games where the possibility of testing this eye movement tracking function integrated into some interesting titles such as Far Cry 6, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Microsoft Flight Simulator or F1 2022, among others, is enabled.

PlayStation VR2 Tobii eye tracking

For his part, Anand Srivatsa, CEO of Tobii, shared that “PlayStation VR2 establishes a new baseline for immersive virtual reality entertainment and it will allow millions of users around the world to experience the power of eye tracking. Our partnership with Sony is an ongoing validation of Tobii’s world-leading technological capabilities to deliver cutting-edge solutions at mass market scale.”

While for the moment Sony has not wanted to share any specific availability date for the PlayStation VR2, the company assured a few weeks ago that the first development kits were already in the hands of some developers and game creators, so it would not be surprising if we see the arrival of this virtual reality set before the end of the year, with a catalog that if it already looked quite promising, now it could stand out even more.

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