PlayStation VR2 would be launched along with more than 20 games from major developers

Sony PlayStation VR2 PS VR2

Officially revealed during last January, it seems that the new generation of Sony’s virtual reality viewer would be about to become a reality. And this time Sony has just announced that the PlayStation VR2 will be backed by more than 20 launch games “major” on the part of their first-parties and third-parties.

In fact, beyond the great secrecy of the VR device itself, Jim Ryan himself has advanced that the company is investing “a considerable amount” of money to ensure that players have a good repertoire of titles to choose from, for the moment with a single confirmed title, the Horizon spin-up: Call of the Mountain, which will allow us to take a more in-depth look at this dystopian futuristic place.


And it is that unlike the previous model, which was designed to work with the PS4, the PlayStation VR2 aims to work with games specifically optimized for PS5. For this, this new virtual reality helmet will be equipped with an OLED display with a resolution of 2000 x 2040 pixels per eye, along with compatibility with an fframe resistances up to 120 Hz.

In addition, we will have some design improvements such as the fact of being able to connect it to the console with a single USB-C cable, thus allowing much greater mobility; as well as the new PlayStation VR2 Sense Technology functions, such as headphone feedback or the more intuitive PS VR2 Sense controllers, which create an incredibly deep immersion sensation.

Unfortunately, we are still not to mention the most important detail: your date. And it is that Sony is still betting on revealing the details slowly but steadily. So, the eyes are now focused on the Summer Game Fest, the great video game fair that will take place this summer, where we could expect to have new details or even an official presentation of the PlayStation VR2.

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