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Semperis extends IT security services to a wider range of companies

Semperis, an Israeli-American company in the field of cyber and identity security for Active Directory or Azure Active Directory, announces the availability of its BP&R (Breach Preparedness and Response, prevention and response to cyber attacks on identity Systems) services for all corporate customers. BP&R services are helping companies combat the growing number of cyberattacks on Active Directory (AD) – the identity system used in 90% of all companies worldwide. Semperis also announced the appointment of Simon Hodgkinson, bp’s former Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), to the company’s strategic Advisory Board. This will further expand the threat intelligence and incident response expert team.

At bp, Hodgkinson was responsible for cyber security strategy, governance, architecture, training, threat mitigation and incident response. He joined bp in 2002 and held several senior IT functions. Prior to becoming CISO, he was VP of Infrastructure and Integration Services. In his role as strategic advisor at Semperis, Hodgkinson will work closely with the leadership team and the CISO community in North America and Europe to further advance the company’s BP&R services.

“Organizations too often underestimate the importance of Active Directory security and recovery,” Hodgkinson said. “You learn the hard way: if ransomware turns off the AD, the entire company goes down with it. Semperis entered the market with solutions and service offerings that significantly improve the cyber resilience of companies all over the world, starting with the central identity system AD. I am proud to be part of this team and to work with the most competent AD security experts in the industry.“

Semperis’ BP&R services are specialized and comprehensively cover every phase of cyberattacks on AD. From preparation to incident response, the services include AD security assessments and threat mitigation, emergency AD recovery planning workshops and hands-on exercises, AD recovery after cyberattacks, and AD incident investigation and forensics. Companies benefit from established AD cybersecurity experts and industry-leading tools, as well as global, round-the-clock incident support.

As a confirmation of Semperis’ expertise in incident response, Frost & Sullivan recently named the company the winner of the 2022 Competitive Strategy Leadership Award. The analyst firm came to the conclusion that Semperis is best able to meet customer requirements in the constantly evolving AD and security market.

“Semperis has many years of experience in preventing and responding to security incidents in Active Directory as well as other identity-based cyber attacks,” explains Sarah Pavlak, Frost & Sullivan Industry Principal. “Semperis’ solution-oriented approach focuses not only on the first-class technologies for solving the challenges of customers, but also on best practices and guidelines for personnel and processes, which clearly sets the offer apart from that of competitors.”

Elad Shamir, Director of Breach Preparedness &Response at Semperis , directs the service program. “There is no vendor or service provider that can surpass Semperis’ combined 75 years of Microsoft MVP security experience in directory services and group policy,” Shamir said. “As someone who has spent his professional career in the field of offensive security identifying and exploiting hard-to-find vulnerabilities, especially in AD, I am looking forward to working with the BP&R team. We want to help companies strengthen their AD security status and implement effective incident recovery measures.“

Semperis’ BP&R services are in high demand: the company’s AD Cyber security experts have already responded to several AD-based ransomware attacks in healthcare and other areas of critical infrastructure. Recently, a phishing attack compromised the AD of a large orthopedic clinic. After a call from the clinic’s CTO, the BP&R team at Semperis removed the risky access while a thorough analysis and cleanup of the AD took place. The BP&R team found a domain controller that was not affected by the attack and that could be used for a quick and secure recovery. Fortunately, there was no data exfiltration and business operations were only minimally affected.

“Thanks to Semperis, we are clearly aware of the risks we are exposed to,” says the CTO of the affected clinic. “The experts helped us to understand the different phases of the attack and possible future attacks, and helped us to track down the hackers and disable them as soon as they had penetrated. Semperis professionals know exactly what to look for and have the appropriate tools.”

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