Pros and Cons of various podcast apps

Pros and Cons of various podcast apps

If you listen to podcasts regularly, for example to fall asleep or from news channels, there are a lot of apps for this. […]

Even though podcasts have been around for a while, they’ve only really been “in” for a while. Many media companies are increasingly focusing on audio content. The editor has tried a few podcast apps and shows you what they can, what they can’t and which are chargeable. However, the majority of free apps are presented.

You can find the “Podcast” tile via the “Search” tab in Spotify
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Most probably have either a free, ad-financed free or even a paid premium account of the music streaming service Spotify. Available podcasts can be found either via the Search tab or in the Library tab under Podcasts.

Examples are: Relationship cosmos, No Bock & no time, Mixed hack, Just married to Hazel & Thomas or Fest &Fluffy, but also classic media houses such as “die Zeit” or “SRF” are there. “Die Zeit” offers several podcasts, for example, Zeit Geschichte, Servus. Hi. Hi. From the SRF there are e.g. Echo of Time, Personal, Knowledge magazine, 100 seconds of Knowledge or crime fiction. You can find more Spotify podcasts on this website.

After an episode has started, you can – as usual from Netflix, for example – “rewind” a few seconds forward or back. If the speaker talks too slowly, the playback speed can be adjusted (from 0.5 to 3.5 ×).

What Spotfiy not are jump marks. For example, the podcast manufacturer cannot mark chapters or important passages such as intro or other, to which the listener can then “jump” without listening to the complete podcast episode or manually moving the slider.

Sleeptimer (mobile)

The Spotify mobile app offers a sleeptimer so that the podcast does not continue endlessly after you have fallen asleep, thereby unnecessarily straining the smartphone battery. After you have started a podcast via the Spotify app, tap on the episode in the lower area to open the detailed view.

Spotify with a Falling Asleep Podcast
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On the right side you will see a white crescent moon icon. Tap on it. The following is available for the end of playback: 5, 10, 15, 30, 45 Minutes or 1 hour or After the end of the episode. After the sleeptimer has been activated, a green crescent moon symbol lights up in the lower display area.

Since June 2018, Google has also been involved in the podcast market by launching the free app Google Podcasts.

Google Podcasts
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As usual from e.g. Netflix, you can also “fast forward” or “rewind” a few seconds here.

There’s also a sleep mode on Google Podcasts
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If the speaker speaks too slowly (or too fast), the playback speed can be adjusted.

Also, Google Podcasts does not offer jump marks to mark important or favorite places and quickly jump to them.

Sleeptimer (Sleep mode timer)

Google Podcasts also has a sleeptimer in its luggage. Here you also select the corresponding sequence for the detail view after playing. In the lower right corner is the three-dot icon, through which you activate the so-called sleep mode timer.

As with Spotify, the following is available to choose from: 5, 10, 15, 30, 45 Minutes or 1 hour or end of the episode.

Actually, podcast and radio play fans can hardly get past Audible. However, Audible is chargeable and we mainly wanted to introduce free options. While you can also choose the free version with advertising on Spotify, only those customers who are willing to pay can use Audible.

If you still want to try Audible: you can try the app for one month for free. Then 9.95 Euros / month will be due. There are many Audible Original podcasts for this – which are unfortunately only available at Audible.

Audible for Android (trial subscription)
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Audible also offers a sleep mode, short jumping forward or backward, adjusting the speed. In addition, there is a chapter button, which basically refers to the various episodes of a podcast “season”, sometimes intro, episode XY and outro are stored, to which you can then jump.

Tip: With Audible, you can create a bookmark directly when listening to an episode. You can also add notes. You can access it at the top right via the three-dot symbol of a sequence. What, unfortunately, does not work: you can not jump to the bookmark while listening.

If you want to: Under My profile you will find statistics on your listening time and you can collect so-called trophies.

Note: However, what the editor found a little disturbing: Firstly, you have to enter the mobile number when creating the Amazon account. Secondly, although you are still in the (free) trial month, Amazon already wants payment information such as the credit card. If you do not want to use Audible afterwards, do not forget to cancel the subscription in time. However, you have to do this in the web version: Cancel my account > subscription.

Unfortunately, canceling a subscription is not possible in the mobile app
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Content can be downloaded from AntennaPod (Podcast Manager) either via RSS feed, iTunes, the podcast search engine fyyd, or database. You can also add podcasts from a local folder.

Again: As usual from Netflix, for example, you can “rewind” a few seconds forward or back. And if the speaker talks too fast, the playback speed can be adjusted.

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AntennaPod also has a sleeptimer in its luggage. Here you select the corresponding sequence for the detail view after playing. In the upper area you will find the zzz symbol. In addition, you can check whether the smartphone should vibrate shortly before the end. And you can reset the snooze function by shaking the device. At the end, tap Set Timer.

AntennaPod provides jump marks. These must be set by the podcast author.

Then, of course, there’s Soundcloud. You can also subscribe to podcasts on Soundcloud (follow). You can also comment on an episode, mark it as a favorite, or repost it on Soundcloud.

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There is no fast forward or rewind by pressing a button. When a sequence is running, press the audio track highlighted in red and move your finger, for example, to the right to proceed.

Recently you can choose the next track with It follows. In addition, you can turn on shuffle (random playback) or repetition.

For iPhones there is the app Apple Podcasts. Apple Podcasts also offers short jumping back and forth as well as adjusting the speed.

There is also a sleep timer. The selection ranges from After the current episode over in one hour to in 5 minutes.

Apple Podcasts with the PCtipp Podcast
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You can find out more in this Apple support document.

As a reader rightly mentioned via comment, there is of course also the free service TuneIn. In addition to breaking news and radio, TuneIn also offers podcasts. By the way, TuneIn also works with smart speakers and is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

The app TuneIn Radio: Music & FM Radio can be used basically for free – with advertising (quite striking). Local radios such as Energy, Radio 24 etc. can be found in the Home tab. At the top of the tabs (For you), swipe from right to left until you see podcasts.

First of all, you can see the top podcast genres or you can browse under Discover. In Switzerland, among the podcasts found are, for example, Echo der Zeit, Espresso or radio play (SRF).

Again, you can skip forward or backward for several seconds (30) and adjust the playback speed.

Also TuneIn can be used for free (with a lot of advertising) and has a sleeptimer
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TuneIn Premium: If you want to use TuneIn ad-free, you need a paid subscription. After all, you can test the service for free for 7 days. As with Audible, the credit card number is already asked for despite the trial subscription.

Note: Do not forget to cancel TuneIn Premium via the App Store in good time if you do not want to continue using the service. Come to think of it, the advertising was quite annoying during our short attempt-penetrating.


Also with TuneIn you can set a sleep timer. Tap the three-dot icon and select Set Sleep Timer. The choice ranges from 15 minutes to 2 hours.

*Claudia Maag is an author at COMprofessional and

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