Pure CSS: This 3D art gallery consists of only HTML and CSS

The frontend developer Ben Evans has built a 3D gallery for its CSS art, which is operated as a First-Person Shooter, and that from the CSS and HTML. Javascript is not used.

Ben Evans is a tinkerer, the life of pure CSS already works of art such as a style, a child has created portrait and a sunset scene. To present its CSS-art accordingly, he built a gallery of art around you.

Art gallery, such as from the 3D game

In a three-dimensional scale space, the viewer is rotating with the mouse or Fingertap on its own axis, and the individual exhibits. You can click on the exhibit leads to the Codepen of the respective Exhibit. During the construction of the 3D gallery has looked Evans self on the shoulder, and the process in a short Video on YouTube documented.

Gallery of the Evans uses only HTML and CSS. Even the animations he did not go back to Javascript. The extent to which this is an advantage, remains questionable. After all, a good Javascript would have produced library smoother animations. Thus, the use of which is advised but a little abruptly.

But, so be it, Evans wanted to show what is also without Javascript possible. If you like, you can purchase Evans CSS-art prints from the gallery’s out for sale. Small gadgets like a light switch, bathing the room in dim light, or lit up again, to make the visit more interesting. Evans wants to have hidden some Easter Eggs in its Installation. Click through hold.

Ben Evans wanted to show its CSS-art in a matching frame. (Screenshot: t3n)

The images in the gallery are all created in pure CSS. For the spatial representation in the virtual gallery of the Evans used, however, pictures of the exhibits in order to avoid – or, as he says, that the Computer of the viewer to “melt”.

This CSS works of art shows Evans in its gallery.

An Evening in Southwold


Pure CSS: an Evening in Southwold. (Screenshot: t3n)



Pure CSS: Isla. (Screenshot: t3n)

Still Life – Water and Lemons


Still Life. (Screenshot: t3n)

Ben Evans is in addition to the front-end engineer Diana Adrianne Smith, whose outsourcing works we have presented to you in this post, one of the most active CSS artists on the net.

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