Pure Storage drives digitalization for customers in Germany

Build38 sieht Fortschritte bei der Digitalisierung in Deutschland


Strong demand for flexible usage models and hybrid cloud solutions

Begona Jara joins Pure Storage as Regional VP, Germany & Austria to drive growth and enable customers to extract value from their data

Pure Storage (NYSE: PSTG), the IT pioneer for storage-as-a-service in a multi-cloud world, supports the success of its customers through its portfolio of scalable and efficient storage solutions provided by flexible usage models. Among the most important success drivers in Germany are offers to make IT easier to manage and operate customers’ IT and to enable faster implementation of innovations. Modern infrastructures are in demand that enable a high degree of flexibility in the daily use of IT resources, as they can be reduced, expanded and modernized almost at the touch of a button. At the same time, German companies are increasingly relying on a cloud operating model to meet their infrastructure needs. They are looking for technology providers that allow them to implement technologies such as containers and Kubernetes.

The growth of Pure Storage in Germany is confirmed by the latest figures in the IDC Q3 Enterprise Storage Tracker. According to this, the company grew by 10.9 percent in the last quarter alone, compared to the industry average of 7 percent. A decisive role in this is played by the continued strong demand for services and subscription models, in which Pure Storage was able to increase by 30 percent, according to Pure’s Q3 earnings release. This shows in particular how much customers in Germany want to be able to use data and IT to support innovations, new services and a better customer experience.

However, German companies still have a long way to go before they can use IT to further develop their own business model to the extent that they actually want to. A study by Pure Storage among 500 CIOs last year showed that only three quarters of IT managers are really satisfied with the current progress. This puts Germany in last place in the EMEA-wide study. At the same time, however, 59 percent state that IT was able to clearly prove its value for the company last year. Here, too, Germany ranks above all other countries examined. Overall, this results in a continued high willingness to invest in IT.

Begona Jara, who is now Regional Vice President being on board will play a key role in taking care of customers in Germany. It combines many years of experience in the areas of storage, data management, IT security and data protection.

“Data is one of the most valuable assets a company owns,” explained Begona Jara. “In order to optimize them, German customers want a modern IT infrastructure that can be operated like a cloud. This means a high degree of automation, ease of management, infrastructure provided as code, and the ability to obtain and use storage services that increase user productivity and speed.“

Jara added: “Another important aspect for all German companies is the achievement of sustainability goals. These include reducing the CO2 footprint and reducing energy consumption. This has both an ecological and an economic significance. Thanks to the use of our Flash technology, which requires 96 percent less space than conventional spinning discs, our customers worldwide also benefit from significantly reduced power consumption and have saved an impressive four billion kilowatt hours in recent years.“

Support of customers in Germany

Fast analysis and scalability for the smart City at Wobcom

Flexibility and scalability are essential for the IT service provider Wobcom, which belongs to Stadtwerke Wolfsburg. The company is involved in numerous smart city and smart transportation projects, where the acute volume of data is often difficult to predict. At the same time, however, the sometimes immense amounts of data must also be processed extremely quickly. The combination of FlashBlade with the pure-as-a-Service usage model has proven to be the ideal solution. “With Pure-as-a-Service, we were able to choose the storage capacity we needed at the beginning and knew that we could easily expand it at any time,” commented Giovanni Coppa, Head of Data Center and Cloud Innovation at Wobcom.

Demanding data and backup requirements at the food wholesaler Weiling

As one of the leading wholesalers of fresh organic fruit and vegetables, Weiling knows exactly what retailers and end consumers expect. The freshness and quality of the goods must be right at all times, and this requires precise and always available data for optimal delivery planning. Different employees must always be able to access the data quickly – a high requirement for speed and robustness. “Our customers expect freshness and quality. Fast deliveries and delivery reliability are the be-all and end-all. Pure helps us to make everything faster and easier,“ says Michael van Dülmen, Head of IT at Weiling GmbH. “FlashArray//C is an incredibly powerful backup target with the highest security and maximum performance in one system.“

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