Pushkov said about the end of the world in the United States

Photo: TASS/Sergei Bobylev

A member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Alexei Pushkov expressed the opinion that the incident earlier capture of the Capitol talking about the end of the world in the United States. About it the Senator wrote in his Telegram channel.

In the recording Pushkov denied allegations of a coup attempt in the United States. The member of the Federation Council noted that the incident is a violation of the law.

Pushkov also said that the seizure of the Capitol is not a harbinger of the civil war.

“What a coup if protesters have no weapons, no leaders, no programme of action, they were not supported by any part of the security services, neither power structures, nor even a single political force and a politician-a Republican?” – said Pushkov.

The Senator expressed the opinion that the current protests began, the participants of the pogroms and riots of last summer.

“The end of civil peace, expressed in the unprecedented scope and severity of the split society – a new qualitative state of current America,” concluded Pushkov.

Yesterday in Washington, protesters supporters of Donald trump broke into the Congress building. Police had to use tear gas against protesters and weapons.

According to law enforcement officers, in clashes killed 4 people. Among the victims of the protests were two women and two men.

Against this background, the city of Washington has decided to extend the state of emergency for another 15 days. Thus, the emergency mode will operate in the U.S. capital until January 21.

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