Python programming in Minecraft

Обложка: Программирование на Python в Minecraft — бесплатные видеоуроки для детей и подростков для детей от 9 лет

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Game Minecraft (Minecraft) it is very popular all over the world, especially among children and teenagers. Almost immediately after the release, the game “overgrown” with a fan subculture, and the army of fans continues to grow every day. In this regard, the developers have made the gameplay even more useful: now you can connect Python to the game and learn to program without leaving your favorite characters.

Thanks to the programming of mods for Minecraft, children can get acquainted with the profession of a Python developer without looking up from the gameplay.

We have prepared free video tutorials on learning Python. In just 10 lessons you will learn programming in Minecraft, create new heroes, build whole streets and complete a huge number of interesting tasks. This programming course for children is absolutely free.

Preparation for training

Before you start learning programming, you need to install all the necessary programs with which we will create codes. We have prepared two video instructions especially for you:

Minecraft and Python on Windows:

Minecraft and Python on macOS:

Video tutorial #1. Introduction to the Python programming language

We are starting to learn the Python programming language in Minecraft. In the first lesson, we will tell you how to set up all the necessary programs, as well as write code to add messages to the chat.

Video tutorial #2. Coordinates

The second lesson is devoted to the study of coordinates: what they are, what they are for and how to define them. At the end of this lesson, we will set the coordinates for the hero, after which we use a loop to get real-time information about his location on the coordinate cell.

Video tutorial #3. Variables and conditions. Creating our first game

The third lesson is devoted to the study of a variable and a condition. After passing the topic, we will write a code for calculating and deducting the number of points scored.

Video tutorial #4. Blocks: how to create them using Python?

Blocks are the most important elements of the Minecraft game, all the buildings in the game are created from them. In the fourth lesson, we will learn how to work with blocks. To do this, we need to import several additional libraries and write scripts. Also during the lesson we will analyze the concept of a cycle. Then we will consolidate the knowledge: with the help of a cycle we will erect several buildings.

Video tutorial No. 5. Construction of streets

One house will not be enough for us, so we are moving on to building streets. During the lesson, we will study the function and use it to build 12 houses.

Video tutorial No. 6. Creating flat 2D shapes

The sixth lesson is devoted to creating flat shapes. We will install additional libraries that will help us create them.

Video tutorial No. 7. Creating three-dimensional 3D shapes

The seventh lesson is devoted to the creation of three-dimensional three-dimensional figures. Here we will show you how to make a sphere using Python.

Video tutorial No. 8. Creating polygons

The eighth lesson is devoted to the study of arrays and vectors, as well as the creation of a polygon.

Video tutorial No. 9. Artificial intelligence in Minecraft

Programming in Minecraft for children goes to a new level. In the ninth lesson, we will study what artificial intelligence is and what it is used for in modern technologies. To consolidate the material, we will create an AI-based bot that will move behind our hero and determine how far he is from the character.

Video tutorial No. 10. Random numbers in AI

In the last lesson, we will study the concepts of random number and probability, and also learn how to use them in AI. At the end of the lesson, we will apply the knowledge we have gained: we will write code for a bot that will move as unpredictably as possible — like a living person.

This is where our video course comes to an end. As we can see, programming for children can be interesting and exciting, especially if the child does not leave his favorite game.

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