Quantaar – VR-game with melee combat from a third party

Quantaar – VR-game with melee combat from a third party

Indie Studio in Taiwan Pumpkin Studio is going to publish a new VR project “Quantaar” on the Kickstarter platform. From 2017, the developers have introduced three projects VR gaming. The most popular game in Japan and Asia has become a horror VR Taboo 2018, developed by the Studio jointly with StarVR.

Quantaar is a PvP battle from a third party with the mechanics of a melee between the two players. The project combines the classic combat gameplay and VR technology. The match lasts for 8 minutes on a narrow arena. For victory is required to dislodge the enemy from the battlefield by any means: tactical strategy or random items that appear randomly in the place in the arena.

The Studio has launched a preview version Quantaar in the form of arcade in 2019 at a cost of $1 US. On the web site it was reported that 11-day VR eSports tournament in Taipei (Taiwan) was able to attract about 2500 players.

Now the Taiwanese (a workers from a software outsourcing company) are working on the online version Quantaar network mode. Players can control their characters with any controller, from VR headsets, PlayStation, Xbox.

“VR-the game Quantaar suitable for any player of any age. The meaning of the gameplay is from one side simple, but from another – it is difficult to learn,” says the studios on its web site. Around March 2021 Quantaar will appear on Kickstarter.

Operational information on the development Quantaar VR published on Twitter and the team blog Pumpkin.

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