Ransomware is becoming more common and sophisticated

Streaming-Dienste wieder verstärkt im Visier von Cyberkriminellen

Ransomware attacks have regularly made headlines over the past year. Already this year, the temporary shutdown of the supplier Oiltanking led to an attack on the critical infrastructure. The incidents that have become very frequent in the recent past have occurred in a variety of industries and company sizes. It is obvious that criminal actors are adapting to the pandemic-related changes in working models and their attack tactics are becoming more and more sophisticated. In addition, previously little-known or new threat actors appear again and again.

The CrowdStrike 2022 Global Threat Report examines the most important cybersecurity events and trends of 2021 as well as the attackers behind them. For the year 2021, the 8th annual Global Threat Report covers an extensive list of more than 170 threat actors, including 21 new ones added last year. Ransomware-related data leaks have increased by 82 percent compared to 2020. Almost half of the attacks (49 percent) are financially motivated. Last year, a total of 2,721 cases of so–called “big game hunting” – selective attacks on large organizations for high ransom payouts – and over 50 targeted ransomware events were observed every week.

Andy Norton, European Cyber Risk Officer at Armis

Andy Norton, European Cyber Risk Officer at Armis : “We have never been as vulnerable as we are now. Most companies have no idea how vulnerable their assets are to attacks. There are a lot of things to consider: the cloud, legacy systems, IoT devices, OT convergence and a never-ending stream of zero-day vulnerabilities. We need to get back to basics and build cyber resilience right from the ground up if we want to change the evolution of cyber attacks and risks.“

The new report shows that ransomware attacks continue to increase sharply worldwide in all industries and that cybercriminals are adapting their attacks to the changing and increasingly networked IT landscape. When it comes to ensuring IT security, companies continue to be in a race against increasingly sophisticated attacks from outside and must increasingly rely on preventive measures.

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