Real-time facial recognition with .NET and C#

Real-time facial recognition with .NET and C#

How to develop facial recognition software in the interaction of .NET, C# and Intel’s image processing library OpenCV. […]

Colombian developer Sergio Andrés Gutiérrez Rojas has shared a highly rated article on CodeProject in which he explains how to recognize and process multiple faces simultaneously and in real time with .NET and C#. Already ten years ago, Rojas started his article including a demo application and has now polished it up again and again earns several 5-star reviews for it.

At the heart of the application presented by Rojas is Emgu CV, a cross-platform (Windows, macOS X, Linux) .NET wrapper for Intel’s image processing library OpenCV. With this, OpenCV functions of .NET-compatible languages such as C#, Visual Basic, VC++, IronPython can be called.

Rojas not only provides his sample code as a demo version for download, but also explains in his CodeProject article the connection of C# with Emgu CV as well as the required parameters in detail. In addition, he shows how to adapt the procedure so that the code reaches its results in an acceptable time even on less powerful computers.

Here you can read the English original of the article: “Multiple Face Detection and Recognition in Real Time”.

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