Recognizing Good Candidates: 7 Questions for IT Applicants

Recognizing Good Candidates: 7 Questions for IT Applicants

The recruitment service provider Robert Half has developed seven questions that companies should ask IT applicants. They should go beyond standard questions. […]

CIOs rarely have time for a second round of applications, writes the Munich–based recruitment service provider Robert Half in the study “Salary Overview Robert Half Technology – Salaries and Career Trends in the IT sector”. Therefore, when hiring new IT employees, the right candidate should be selected from the outset.

Robert Half has developed seven questions that every HR manager should ask during the interview. They are:

1. What do you know about our company and why do you want to work here? Particularly interesting are applicants who not only name facts that can be found on the website, but also have researched themselves. Such candidates “have certainly also considered what influence they could have,” writes Robert Half.

2. I see that you can handle XY technology well. Please explain exactly how you have used this knowledge in your previous job. With this question, decision-makers should recognize whether the information in the resume is correct. Those who indicate extensive knowledge should be able to give concrete examples and projects from their daily work.

3. What did you like best, what did you like least about the technology? This point is intended to clarify which expertise the applicant actually brings with him. Decision-makers should pay attention to whether the candidate knows the strengths and weaknesses of the technology and whether he is familiar with current trends.

4. What is the most interesting IT project you have worked on so far? Based on this question, decision–makers should be able to find out what motivates the candidate – and whether this fits the advertised position.

5. What would make you stay with your previous company? Robert Half recommends this formulation as an alternative to the common question of why one would like to leave the previous employer. “With the modified question of what would have been important to the applicant, you have the chance to get more open feedback,” said the consultants.

6. What would you like least about your work environment? The future IT colleague should fit into the team not only professionally, but also personally. Whether this is so, decision-makers can find out with this question.

7. Tell about a failure or mistake that you made in your last job. Of course, mistakes are made in IT. The polluter must be able to admit these and learn from them.

*Christiane Pütter is a journalist from Munich. She writes about IT, business and science. In addition to CIO and Computerwoche, her clients include several corporate publishing magazines, especially in the field of banking/insurance.

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