Review of the Logitech Signature M650

Review of the Logitech Signature M650

A mouse that can still be a mouse. […]

Modern peripherals must always offer something. Be it LED lighting, a specially lightweight housing, or more buttons than you have fingers. Something is needed to keep the user community entertained. The Signature M650 is a little different. She’s just a mouse. This is not to say that there are no interesting technologies built into it, but none of them looks set-up.

What is special about the M650 is the size, or sizes. There are two of them, the regular M650 and the slightly larger M650 L. In addition, there is an M650 L Left for left-handers. Strangely enough, there is no small variant for left-handers. The regular M650 is slightly longer than an MX Anywhere 3, but a little narrower.

The M650L is more in the direction of MX Master. Logitech recommends the regular M650 for small to medium-sized hands, the M650 L for large hands. With my medium-sized hands, I find the M650 pleasant. However, I generally like small mice. So if you have medium-sized hands and prefer rather large mice, the M650 L is probably more suitable. If in doubt, try the devices in the store.

Another special feature of the M650 can be found in the buttons. These are sound-insulated, as with the Logi Pop. This is a feature that you think is completely pointless. But once you’ve had it, you don’t want to be without it anymore. The sound-insulated keys not only feel extremely gentle and supple, but also perfectly show how annoying the constant clicking can be. In any case, I notice it immediately when I switch back to my usual mouse.

A bit of a pity: the side buttons of the M650 are not as quiet as the two main buttons. The scroll wheel is a slimmed-down version of the smart scroll wheel of the MX series. It is not quite as solidly processed and runs a little looser. This is a pity, but understandable, since the M650 costs less than half of the MX Anywhere 3. In everyday life, the scroll wheel is a bit very loose, you can easily scroll a few lines back and forth with the middle click. But here you get a dynamic scroll wheel in a mouse under 50 euros, which automatically switches between clicking and free-spinning, depending on the speed of rotation. That in itself is remarkable.

Also noteworthy is the choice of the battery. The M650 is powered by a single AA battery. There is no way to charge the mouse via USB.

However, this should not be really problematic in everyday life, since the mouse should last about 24 months with a fresh battery, according to Logitech. In our test period, of course, this could not be tried without a doubt, but Logitech is relatively accurate on average with battery runtimes. In practice, the term should probably be within 10% of the stated value. And whether it’s 24 or 22 months, it doesn’t matter much anymore.

The fact is: the M650 lasts with a battery for about as long as the life expectancy of a modern smartphone. It can even be overcome that Logitech supplies a disposable battery.

The connection of the M650 also contributes to the long battery life. This is optionally established via Bluetooth LE or radio. Bluetooth is particularly suitable for notebooks with few connections or for mobile devices such as tablets. The M650 is compatible with iOS/iPadOS as well as Android.

On the desktop, the wireless connection via USB-A dongle can be worthwhile. This uses Logitech Bolt and is therefore faster than Bluetooth. This does not make the M650 a gaming mouse directly, but it can certainly keep up, unless you are talking about highly competitive shooter games. A bit of a pity is that the M650 does not offer a multi-device function. So it can not simply switch back and forth between multiple devices at the touch of a button. However, it is not necessarily to be expected in this price range.


Unfortunately, the software conditions at Logitech are still a bit chaotic. The M650 requires the Options software for fine adjustments, like most Logitech devices outside the gaming series. In addition, there is the Bolt software when using the USB dongle.

If you are using a Logitech-G device (e.g. a keyboard or headset) at the same time, you have already installed three Logitech programs. But whether a single app would be better for everything is not said. After all, the needs of gaming users are different from those in the office.


The Logitech Signature M650 is a mouse that may still be a mouse. And that’s a good thing. It incorporates some of the useful features of more expensive models (side buttons, silent clicking, dynamic scroll wheel) and saves on the more unusual functions such as multi-device or DPI switch.

This results in a total package under 50 euros, which covers a lot and above all fulfills the primary task of a mouse without costing a fortune. Together with the eternally long battery life, the M650 is perfect for those who do not want to deal much with their mouse, but simply expect a working device.

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