Review: Pure Evoke Home

Review: Pure Evoke Home

The Evoke Home of the audio pioneer Pure presents itself as a jack of all trades among the stationary hi-Fi music systems. We took a closer look at it. […]

The Evoke Home of the audio pioneer Pure presents itself as a jack of all trades among the stationary hi-Fi music systems. Why? Because the stand-alone device plays music not only via Bluetooth, Internet, FM, DAB + radio, Spotify Connect and audio-Inalte still in the old, but proven style via built-in CD player. And that’s not all. The tested model, which is held in the color “Coffee-Black” and weighs 3.9 kilograms (37 × 18 × 11 cm, W × H × D), has a 65 cm long, extendable rod antenna on the back.

At the top left is the hinged color display, which is addressed or controlled via the softbuttons below. Here, selected music stations can be selected and started via DAB or the Internet, for example. There is also a back and info button.

In the middle there is a slot-in-CD slot embedded in the hard plastic chassis, above it there are the well-known buttons to address the silver disc according to your taste by forward, back, stop button or just eject the CD.

On the far right there are a total of six push buttons to save his personal favorite stations. These presets can be “placed” on one of these six buttons by simply pressing the corresponding button a little longer when playing the stream and waiting for confirmation. Behind it is the rotary wheel to adjust the volume, or by pressing the same wheel for a longer time to completely stop the music playback of the player.

Simple to use, rich in functions

Anyone who now thinks that such a concentrated load of features also results in a complex commissioning is mistaken. When switching on for the first time, the assistant is called up directly by tapping on the volume control or by the included remote control. In addition, Pure also offers its UnDOK app to control the radio.

So, or so: In the first step of the installation, the user can directly specify which signal source he wants to use for playing the audio pieces. In the case of the “DAB” selection, the wizard starts the scanning process immediately.

In the test, he found around 70 DAB (+) stations in the Zurich area, within 40 seconds, which the device immediately took over into its memory, and thus makes them available to the listener.

Nice and fast, and within 3 seconds, you can also jump from station to station. If you want to treat yourself to the full load of Internet radios (about 85,000, worldwide), you can use the corresponding WiFi function of the Evoke Home. To do this, SSID, in the existing network, as well as the password are entered one by one – that’s it. After that, the user can already access the digital stations: the stations are ordered by “countries”, as well as “Popularity”.

If you want it even more direct, you can also specifically search for an Internet radio station. For the sound, two 20-millimeter, so-called soft dome tweeters, as well as two 3.5-inch woofers, all of which are responsible for the stereo sound, are integrated into the housing.

This is how the device sounds

But much more important in the whole technique is the sound quality. And it can be heard: the sound is clear and clean across the entire audio spectrum relevant to the sound (500 Hz to 4 kHz), especially in the often neglected middle position.

Another top: Pure gives the Evoke Home a box cover made of eco-certified and recycled wool at the front.


Pure Evoke Home is a really round (sound) thing. The sound, equipment and operation of the versatile music system are at the highest level.

Bodoky Florian is a neo Apple user, audio enthusiast, PCtipp YouTuber, tech bargain hunter and coffee machine overachiever

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