Roundtable Cloud & Security: How” cloudy ” is Austria?

Roundtable Cloud & Security: How" cloudy " is Austria?


Despite all the advantages, there are still concerns about the Cloud, especially in the ERP area. Experts discuss opportunities and possibilities, but also challenges, fears and risks. […]

Cloud-Security Live on May 16, 10: 00 am (c) Pixabay

Cloud solutions offer many advantages: You can rent software solutions, infrastructure and computing power as required, automatically receive updates, employees can access cloud solutions anywhere at any time, scale cloud solutions, up-and downgrading is possible quickly and last but not least: Expensive investments in hardware equipment are eliminated, the internal IT department is relieved. But despite all these advantages, there is still skepticism and concern, for example, especially in the ERP area, experts estimate that only about ten percent of domestic companies source their ERP solutions as SaaS via public cloud – see our COMPUTER WORLD ERP expert panel from May 18 –

Reasons for cloud skepticism are still data availability and data sovereignty, but security concerns and fears of dependence on cloud service providers and hyperscalers are still heard.

Live broadcast here on 15.6.2021 from 10:00 am


  • TechData, Ralf Stadler, Director Business Unit Security Solution Practice / Mobility / IoT & Analytics
  • Zühlke Austria, Bernhard Zimmermann, Director Of Business Development
  • UBIT WKO, Martin Zandonella, Chairman Deputy Association UBIT
  • Starface, Reinhard Hable, Country Manager Austria
  • IBM, Marco Porak, Technology Unit Leader
  • Oracle, Johannes Dobretsberger, Marketing Director
  • T-Systems, Alexander Bruckner, Public Cloud Sales Expert
  • TrendMicro, N. N.

Moderator and editor: Christine Wahlmüller-Schiller, COMPUTERWELT Editor

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