Rubrik gives Ransomware Recovery Guarantee on Cloud Vault in Azure

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Ransomware Recovery Guarantee

Rubrik, the Zero Trust Data Security Company, is now extending its industry-first ransomware guarantee to the isolated Cloud Vault service for critical data. This creates additional confidence in the recoverability of data after a cyber attack. Customers, the Cloud Vault section. using Microsoft Azure, you can now benefit from the assurance that Rubrik will pay up to five million dollars in recovery costs if Rubrik is not able to restore backed up data after all.

As ransomware continues to affect businesses in every industry, Rubrik Cloud Vault offers a fully managed, secure and isolated Cloud Vault service built on Microsoft Azure. By integrating with Microsoft Azure, Rubrik Cloud Vault simplifies the air-gapping of critical data and provides end-to-end data immutability to ensure that data is not compromised, corrupted or maliciously deleted. With Rubrik Cloud Vault, customers are better equipped to recover their data as cyberattacks become more extensive and sophisticated.

“We are so confident that our customers will be able to continue their business operations regardless of an attack that we are expanding our ransomware recovery guarantee with the addition of Rubrik Cloud Vault,” explains Bipul Sinha, CEO and Co-Founder of Rubrik . “Whether your data is stored in your company or in the cloud, you have a guarantee and peace of mind that your data is safe and available no matter what.“

Rubrik introduced the industry’s first ransomware recovery guarantee at the end of 2021 to give customers the certainty that their data backed up in the Enterprise Edition of Rubrik is recoverable regardless of cyber incidents or natural disasters. Rubrik’s warranty offer covers the cost of data recovery in case Rubrik is unable to recover the data after a ransomware attack.

“As we continue to strengthen our strategic data security efforts, we are now leveraging Cloud Vault in Microsoft Azure to better protect against ransomware threats,” said Jack Higgins, Network Analyst, Walton County Board of Education. “The extension of Rubrik’s ransomware guarantee is another bold step by the company and provides additional assurance that Rubrik is committed to backing up and restoring our data.”

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