Rubrik Introduces First Ransomware Recovery Guarantee

Ransomware-Anstieg um 70 Prozent: Check Point spricht von Pandemie

Zero Trust Data Security

Ransomware Recovery Guarantee of five million US dollars

Rubrik, the Zero Trust Data Security company, today introduces the Ransomware Recovery Warranty, a ransomware recovery guarantee. The purpose is to give companies the security that their data is quickly available at all times so that they can maintain their business operations even after a ransomware attack. Rubrik enables companies to recover their data after cyberattacks and operational outages.

This first-to-market ransomware recovery guarantee underscores Rubrik’s strong commitment to enterprise data security. Rubrik has developed a Zero Trust Data Security platform to protect business data from ransomware attacks. It enables IT teams to quickly restore their applications and resume normal business operations.

Rubrik Unveils a Five-Million-Dollar Ransomware Recovery Guarantee for Rubrik Enterprise Edition, Providing Enterprises with Definitive Security

“With this first ransomware recovery guarantee, we are giving businesses the assurance that we care as much about protecting their data as they do,” explains Bipul Sinha, CEO and Co-Founder of Rubrik. “With the increase in ransomware attacks, a recoverable copy of data has become one of the most important items on the agenda of CIOs and CISOs. We know how important data security is to a company’s security.“

This offer is for Rubrik customers using the Enterprise Edition Rubrik and working with a Customer Experience Manager (CEM) to ensure that industry best practices for data security are followed. The strategic collaboration and the new offering will enable the highest standards of data security.

“With this bold move in the form of the ransomware Recovery Warranty, Rubrik proves that the company is putting its words into action. This warranty underscores Rubrik’s confidence in its data security products and its ability to recover its customers’ data after a cyberattack. This sets the standard for what it means to be a strategic data security partner and shows that Rubrik fully supports its customers“” commented Matthew Day, CIO of Lang’s Building Supplies.

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